Once Upon A Time Season Finale

What the heck. I have just finished watching the season five finale of Once Upon A Time – or OUAT for short. Totally was not expecting that. At all. All I can advise for OUAT fans who have yet to watch it, is brace yourself. Also, you may want to warn your family that you…… Continue reading Once Upon A Time Season Finale

Going Back In Time

Petticoats, undergarments, jeans, and tennis shoes–fashion has certainly changed throughout the years, and I thought I would highlight a specific decade of fashion: the 1940’s. World War II had a major effect on how fashion evolved during this time period. Because of rationing, the dress length for women was brought up to right below the…… Continue reading Going Back In Time

God’s Providence

Sometimes I think we take for granted how much God protects us. All the times when He has spared our life because it was not yet our time. I was reminded of this especially over Christmas break. My mom and my brother were in the car, driving home. It was raining extremely hard when suddenly…… Continue reading God’s Providence

Star Wars: Theories on Rey

As I mentioned in my previous post (the review on The Force Awakens), Rey is one of my new favorite characters. And therefore, I am terribly curious as to where she originates from. With that said, I am going to list several theories (all credit for coming up with them/putting them together goes to Deborah Teh)…… Continue reading Star Wars: Theories on Rey

Movie Review: Star Wars The Force Awakens

On New Year’s Day, my dad, brother, and I drove to Atlanta to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This was Brayden (my brother) and I’s first time to see one of the movies in the Star Wars saga in theatre. We were very excited. ***Warning: Spoilers Ahead*** To start off my review, I’m going…… Continue reading Movie Review: Star Wars The Force Awakens