Color Clash

I’m sure we’ve all been in that position where you’re holding up a shirt in one hand and a pair of pants or some type of bottom in the other, and thought I have no idea if this matches or not. Well, never fear! I am hopefully going to provide an enlightening amount of information…… Continue reading Color Clash

Piece by Piece

As I was watching American Idol Thursday night, Kelly Clarkson took the stage to sing a song she wrote – “Piece by Piece”. The song is about her own father and husband. Some of the emotionally weighted lyrics say: But piece by piece, he collected me up Off the ground, where you abandoned things and…… Continue reading Piece by Piece

Interview with Ginger Garrett

One day, when my family and I went into Lifeway, Ginger Garrett – a Christian author – was there signing books. I was really excited and pleased with this unsuspected occurrence. After purchasing my own copy and having her sign it, she was gracious enough to spend a few minutes with me answering some questions…… Continue reading Interview with Ginger Garrett