Once Upon A Time

With the new season of Once Upon A Time starting up in a month, I felt that it was necessary to recap what our characters have gone through. Captain Swan. *deep breaths* THIS POOR SHIP (AND LET’S BE REAL, EVERY OTHER SHIP ON OUAT SEEMS DESTINED FOR MORE PAIN AND AGONY, IF NOT RIPPED APART…… Continue reading Once Upon A Time


Many times, we as Christians can fall into the legalistic or Pharisaical trap. The trap of believing that we cannot ask questions or have doubts. Yet…that is not true. I know, I know, I sense the appalling shock radiating across the web 😉 But it’s the truth. There is nothing wrong or sinful about having…… Continue reading Questions

No Condemnation

Me being myself and a natural perfectionist, I’m always trying to be perfect. Even though that’s not actually possible and the logical part of my mind knows that, I still find myself in that perfectionistic goal. Just this morning, I was starting to feel guilty (whether false or true) about something I had been thinking about.…… Continue reading No Condemnation

Prison of Fear

Everyone has fears. Some are small, others are big, and then, there are those that completely and totally overwhelm us. Fear is a tricky thing. It can creep up slowly and over time; perhaps subconsciously, until it rears its ugly head in our face. In other cases, it can come suddenly and without announcement. Maybe…… Continue reading Prison of Fear