Time-Travel…Creative Writing

Ow! My head…sheesh, what in the world did I hit it on? I thought, feeling a terribly pain ricocheting all over my skull. Fluttering my eyes open, my heart stopped. I was definitely not in Georgia anymore.

“Careful dear, when I found you, you had a terrible gash on your head,” said a kind voice, belonging to a dark-eyed, middle-aged woman. She had brown locks, with gray spread throughout and held herself confidently, though by no means proudly. Her attire was simple, yet I could instantly tell that it was well-made.

Tucked underneath her cap, she had fixed her hair like so, while a beautiful necklace graced her neck. The oval gem was a striking crimson and took center stage on the silver chain. Complementing the red, she wore a blackberry hued dress with a ribbon around the waist that tied at the back in a bow. Her sleeves were long and tight, as opposed to some…odd contraption that was attached to the top of the dress. It covered her chest and throat, giving off a more full-figure appearance.

“Oh! Thank you,” I finally said, realizing I had been silent for too long, “for taking me in. I really do appreciate it.” Quick! Think of a believable story! said my brain, which I was quite inclined to agree with. “My brother and I were out picking berries, and I’m afraid I’ve never been very directionally gifted,” I gave her a sheepish smile, “I’m sorry for any trouble I’ve caused.”

She shook her head, gentle expression on her face. “Oh no, it was not any trouble at all. I only did feel badly for you, when George sent a message to me to say that he had found a young woman unconscious. You took a hard tumble down that hill.” Suddenly, she laughed. “Where are my manners? I’m Martha Washington.”

Martha Washington? THE Martha Washington? I thought, green eyes growing wider. “You mean, that is to say, that your husband is George Washington?”

Martha nodded. “You would be correct.”

Wow. Ok…so somehow I time traveled back to the American Revolution. I suppose there could be a worse time in history. Like the Black Plague. Now THAT would be bad. But George Washington! This is crazy.

“If you would like a bite to eat…?”


“Lanie,” Martha repeated, “then you are welcome to come downstairs and join us for dinner.” With that said, she gave me another motherly expression and exited out of the room.

When she left, I took a deep breath. Ok, let’s think about this logically…despite the fact that time-traveling defies every logical explanation there is. I came sometime during the American Revolution. I am in the house of George and Martha Washington. I had to stop myself right there. The history nerd in me was freaking out! Who gets the opportunity to potentially meet the first president of the United States? Basically no one – well, from my time period anyway. I could not miss this chance!

My eye suddenly realized exactly what color this room was…blue. And by blue, I mean blue. It was over-the-top in my opinion, but hey, we all have our quirks. Maybe the Washington’s had a thing for blue. There was a huge fireplace in the room that had clearly been started by the red, orange, and yellow flames flickering within it.

I grinned. Yes. A fireplace in the bedroom. If that wasn’t awesome, I didn’t know what was! But back to my observations. Glancing up, I noticed that I was lying in a canopy bed. I’ve always wanted a canopy bed! I thought happily, wishing that I had my iPhone…but apparently, time-travel doesn’t count for cellphones.

As I scooted off the bed, I suddenly noticed that I was no longer wearing my UGGS, jeans, and cozy sweater. Yep, time-travel changes your outfits. Although, I suppose that was a good thing – seeing as how people would probably have a heart attack if they saw a girl wearing pants. And I had always wanted to wear these sorts of dresses.


“Mr. Washington?”

George Washington glanced up at me, and I fiddled with my fingers nervously. Nothing like standing in front of the first president of the United States to make one nervous.


“I, well, I was wondering…if I could ask you a question?”

He sighed – not in annoyance, more of a weary sound. “I suppose I have time for one question,” the beloved American hero said.

Ok. This is my chance. A once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity. Self, do NOT mess this up! my mind shouted. Taking a deep breath, I asked softly, “Mr. Washington, you are such an incredible leader and have done so much for us. What makes you keep serving, even when most people would feel that they have done their fair share? What would be your advice to future leaders in government?” Oops. I asked two questions. “Oh! I’m sorry, that was two. You don’t have to answer both,” I quickly said apologetically.

His tired eyes that spoke of nights filled with little sleep, looked at me. “Considering the maturity of your questions,” George Washington said, “I believe I can answer both. To your first one, I have a desire and passion for liberty, freedom. How can I expect the outcome I desire, if I do not do my part? Regarding your second, leaders should never take their position for granted. Power is not something to be taken lightly, it is a responsibility. Matthew 20:26 says, “And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant.” Leaders are not to be above their followers; they should be servants – to be the first one helping, in the line of fire. Being an example.” He fell silent briefly, thinking…pondering. “And any leader should have a relationship with the Lord. He is the only one who can truly direct a leader in the decisions he must make, in the actions he will have to take.”

Wow…I thought, he really is, err was. Ok…not sure what tense to use, but such a wonderful man. With a grateful expression, I said genuinely, “Thank you sir. I truly appreciate what you have done and continue to do.”

He looked back at me, a thoughtful expression on his face.

And it was then that I disappeared.

Journal Entry ~ Stars

Have you ever met a famous person? Well, for me, the answer to that is yes. To give a bit of context, I’ll start out by saying that my mom has a…knack for finding famous people. Or maybe I shouldn’t call it a knack, more of if she sees them, she’ll take the initiative when other people might be embarrassed. And, in all truthfulness, it can be a bit…embarrassing. Especially for my introverted self. However, the pros – in my opinion – out way the cons, so I’ll usually push through it.

For my thirteenth birthday, I went to the Dove Awards at the Fox Theatre in downtown Atlanta. My parents, brother, and nana came along, of course! It was amazing – definitely something I’ll always remember. But one thing I recall quite specifically. As we walked in to the main area, there was almost a “red carpet” thing going on. Professionals were taking pictures of the singers and artists, and there was a clear point that normal people were not supposed to come too close.

Kari Jobe and I! The lighting is weird, because our camera was messing up xD

Being my mom, of course, she found a small area where no one was standing by the roped off section. I walked over there with her (as my dad and brother were slightly mortified), and who came up? Mandisa! We chatted with her for a little bit; she was very sweet. Then, we saw Kari Jobe. Now, I had told myself a list of questions I wanted to ask her, if I had the opportunity to meet her. But when I did get to meet her, I completely forgot every single question I had planned on asking!

Hollie Cavanagh and I!
Joshua Ledet and I!
Skylar Laine and I!

Another time I was able to meet a famous person, was at the American Idol tour. I loved watching American Idol, and was really sad when the TV show stopped recently. But before that, my mom and I drove to Nashville – one of the stops on the tour. I was so excited! The music was awesome, but it wasn’t completely over after! Tons of people, like my mom and I, gathered around an area where the top ten contestants of season eleven would come out to greet, sign, and take pictures with the fans. Definitely a memorable event!


There have been a few other occasions, but those are the ones that I was most excited about. Now…if I can only convince her to somehow get me to meet Taylor Swift…


Different Perspectives ~ CW

Crouching down in a predator position, the orange and white cat kept completely silent. He had been patiently waiting for an opportunity to nab a piece of fish since he had started – an hour ago. This place did have the most delicious seafood.

And now, all of his efforts would finally pay off.

One, two, three…and GO! With a perfected pounce, the cat leaped forward and snatched a blue and silver fish out of the basket. At last! He had accomplished his goal!

“Ah, that cat! He is at it again!” came the screech from the fish basket guardian.

"What marvelous vitality a kitten has. It is really something very beautiful the way life bubbles over in the little creatures. They rush about, and mew, and spring; dance on their hind legs, embrace everything with their front ones, roll over and over, lie on their backs and kick. They don't know what to do with themselves, they are so full of life. -- Jerome K. Jerome:

There’s my cue…thought the cat, bounding through and out of the kitchen – fish in mouth. This was a common thing – him stealing a fish, and the fish guardian yelling loudly at him. And sometimes, if she was especially mad, she would grab her wooden spoon and chase after him.

He had never been caught, however.

A few minutes later, he had finished his meal. Licking his paws daintily, the cat’s ears twitched as he wondered what other sorts of mischief he could get into next.


Adriana tsked quietly to herself as she surveyed one of the resort rooms. The bedroom was in a complete disarray – white sheets, blankets, and pillows were tossed onto the floor with some stains on a few. Food crumbs had made their disgusting appearance on the round coffee table, and the bathroom was a whole other piece of work.

Dark eyes scanning this, Adriana sighed in frustration. “Do they not have any decency?” she exclaimed, shaking her head, “Las personas!”

And with that declaration, she set to work. Being a single mother, Adriana had to work twice as hard as the average parent to provide. She had a three-year-old daughter, Maria, who was her source of motivation.

Suddenly, a flash of orange caught her eye. Whipping her head around, Adriana saw the source of her disturbance: a calico cat. The creature, far from repentant, meowed at her – tail flicking in the air lazily.

“No! You,” she pointed at the cat, “go!”

The cat blinked his green eyes at her.

Adriana heaved another sigh. Placing one hand on her hip, she wagged a finger at the small creature. “I cannot play with you right now. I have work. Trabajo!”

Apparently uninterested in her statement, the cat ignored her and instead pounced on the curtains that were moving from the air coming through the vent.


Is this really what my life has come to? wondered Celeste Lacey as she sat at a table – by herself – with no other companion save her dog. She was alone.


Of course, it had not always been this way. But fame has a way of isolating a person, even if several thousand people say they are your biggest cheerleaders, fans – or Celesties as they were called.

Celeste was a prodigy, everyone told her so. She could play the piano, violin, harp, and guitar. By age ten, she had started to compose her own music. As a bonus, Celeste had one of the most beautiful voices and enjoyed singing along with playing her instruments. Yet, this was not the entire reason that the world was captivated by her. That reason was much more serious.

Celeste Lacey was blind.

Her mind flashed back to the accident. The event that would change her entire world. She had been five-years-old…and – no. She would not let herself go there. Not again.

Sighing heavily, Celeste used her other senses to observe the resort. She could hear music playing through the speakers. Scrapping chairs hinted that several different people had risen from their seats – perhaps couples? They sounded happy.

Celeste shook her head, blonde curls falling over her face. Why had she come here, again? It had been a spur-of-the-moment decision, really. A random judgement call to hop on her private jet and fly on over to the Caribbean islands. Even now, she wasn’t completely sure why she did it.

Maybe she needed a break. Maybe all of the pressure had been getting too much for her. Whatever the reason, Celeste was here now.


Evianna bit her lip tightly to keep another sappy, over-the-moon smile from taking over her face. As the music continued to play, however, she realized – as her mouth quirked up – that her efforts were in vain. And why was she trying to hide it anyway? This was the best day of her entire life. They were at a resort – a resort! – in the Caribbean as part of their honeymoon.

A giggle escaped out of her. She could not possibly be happier.

“Eves, what are you laughing about?” questioned her husband, glancing down at her. His ocean blue eyes twinkled inquisitively.

She blushed, slightly embarrassed at having been caught. “Oh, nothing. I-I was just thinking, about how happy I am to be here. With you.” Evianna looked up at him lovingly.

“I am too Eves, and hey, you know what these mean?” He gestured to their respective rings – one, a simple gold band, and the other, with the characteristic diamond.

“That we’re married?” Evianna deadpanned, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, yes,” he shot her a teasing grin, gently moving a stray nutmeg brown lock behind her ear, “and that we get to spend the rest of our lives with each other.”

“Forever,” she murmured, leaning her head against his chest, as they continued to sway to the envelopment of music drifting through the speakers.

“Yes, forever,” he repeated.

“I’m glad I get to spend my forever with you.”

"Care to dance?" A young married couple/ Friends since they were kids:


from a cat ~ a journal entry

I flicked my tail lazily into the air, eyelids fluttering shut. The cooling fall air surrounded me as I yawned it in. Curling my tail around my body, I prepared to enter into one of my favorite activities: sleep.

lanies-iphone-pictures-082“Brayden, have you seen Kit?”

“Yeah! She’s over there, underneath the bush.”

Loud footsteps sounded (did these humans have no concept of silence?) as I made a most valiant effort to ignore her. Hoping she would go away.

“Hey Kit!”

Stubborn human. I blinked my green eyes open slightly, not bothering to move from my position.

She had crouched down beside me – leaves crunching loudly, and had a happy expression on her face. As I observed, she reached out her hand and began stroking my fur.

Oh no. I knew where this was going. I was no fool, thank you very much. I knew the process: she would try and butter me up – by petting me, hoping that I would not refuse what would come soon after…being picked up.


Despite my best efforts at restraint, I found myself enjoying it. Darn her stupidly smart human intuition.

She stopped.

I meowed in complaint, not appreciating this turn of events in the least. Reluctantly rising, I elegantly (and silently, unlike said human) walked over to her – sunlight shining on my calico fur.

Almost instantly, she scooped me into her arms – a jubilant countenance appearing. “Don’t be mad,” she stated, petting me as she did so. She grinned happily, kissing my head.

I pulled away in disgust.

“Oh, you know you like it.”

Like it, like it indeed.

Reflective ~ Journal Entry

ORACLEKAILO.COM - Private Psychic Assistant for Introverted Alpha Females & Power Couples who are ready to unlock their Authentic Power and  leverage their life choices to fulfill and enhance  their Signature Soul Legacy™ in career, love,  & lifestyle. | ALPHA FEMALE Quotes: My favorite journal entry would have to be number six; the one where we had to pick a favorite poem. Besides the fact that I enjoy poetry, I also liked this journal entry because it inspired me to create some collages and use another part of my creativity.

On the creative writing side, my favorite would have to be the narrative poem. I love the idea of telling a story through poetry. I had a lot of fun with this – trying to make it more mysterious until the end, using the rhyming element, and finding pictures that went along with the created imagery.

Out of my works, my least favorite would probably be the re-telling of the Bible story. I had some trouble with making the tone more modern than historical. Though, I did enjoy the challenge.

Beast ~ Creative Writing

Will you love me?

When my voice screams and yells?

Can you be with me?

Through the darkness that I feel?

During the unending night – where I am drowned by grief, where my hands are stained with blood, where my heart cannot stop pounding.

Will you, can you see me? Or just…a Beast.

Pin for Later: Rumple and Belle's Twisted and Sweet Romance Evolution  It almost works, but her plan blows up in her face when Rumple lashes out. 

A Beast covered in dozens of scars – white marks that are displayed over my heart.

To be a beast. Covered in the mud of your failings.

A Beast that is slowly dying day by day – alone with no one to call my name.

To be a beast. Cloaked in a voice always whispering in shame and regret.

A Beast who has done unspeakable deeds – causing all to recede from me.

To be a beast. Clothed in the darkness that you have wrought upon yourself.

A Beast. To be a beast.

 i-am-your-angel-of-blogs: THIS GIF HURTS ME he just looks so unsure but it's what he's needed for so long

Can you love me?

(A Beast)

Will you stay by me?

(A Beast)

Can you believe in redemption for me?

(A Beast)

Will you see me?

(A Beast)

at least i got to see you one last time

Chosen ~ A Bible Story Re-Told

Note: For my creative writing class, we had to retell a Bible story as if it took place in the modern world. See if you can guess which one I did! 🙂

Image result for gal gadot 2001

Estelle’s dark, inquisitive eyes drank in the scenery. Hundreds of beautiful blossoms decorated the landscape in an eruption of color: buttery yellow, plum purple, and an assortment of other shades. Exotic birds called out to one another with their plumes of crimson and turquoise while she could hear the chattering of monkeys from behind the palace walls. It was beautiful. Yet, she could not help but think that it was a mirage. An illusion.

“Estelle? Estelle? You are day dreaming again.”

Startled out of her thoughts, Estelle’s head jerked to the right – catching sight of her friend, Mariana.

Mariana had bouncy blonde curls that seemed to constantly be going in a million different directions. Her hazel eyes blinked, before a sad smile appeared on her face. “You were thinking about everything again – weren’t you?”

Sighing, Estelle gave a short nod. “I know that I should let it go,” she began, fidgeting with a lock of hair, “but, it-it’s just so much.” She stopped there, knowing very well that the king had ears everywhere. With the technology that they had now, it was likely that there was nowhere on the royal grounds where one could truly feel safe in disclosing her feelings. One wrong word from her, and, well, Estelle did not like to dwell on that outcome.

It felt like a lifetime ago – before she had been taken behind these palace walls, but it had, in fact, been only months. Freedom. Oh to have that once more! Estelle, however, knew that her life would never be the same. She, along with dozens of other young women, had been yanked out of their lives – brought aboard a cruise ship that would bring them to the main island. Taken…for the king. It was all so barbaric (they were in the twenty-first century for heaven’s sake!), although, really, what was she expecting?

“Miss, your feet,” stated a servant, gray eyes humbly looking to the ground. She carried a basin of soapy water, rose petals floating amongst the bubbles.

“Oh, of course. Thank you,” Estelle replied kindly, causing the servant to duck her head almost bashfully. Gratitude, she had learned, was not something those working in the palace expected. As the muscles in her feet relaxed from the heated basin, Estelle allowed herself to drift back to her previous thoughts.

The king. She wondered what he was like. He did, of course, recklessly act towards his previous wife – Veronica. I suppose it’s doubtful that he has any measure of self-control…she mused, nerves rising at the thought of what might happen to her should his anger strike. God is with you Estelle, even if-if something bad does happen. You’re not alone.

“Estelle Miranda. The king has requested you.”

Her stomach dropped. It was time. Please, Lord…give me strength…prayed Estelle silently.



“You…are most beautiful.”


As this statement left his mouth, the king’s fingers gently grazed her cheek. He allowed them to pause momentarily, against it.

Estelle’s heart pounded rapidly. What to say? What do to do? Weeks and weeks spent preparing, and now her mind was ignorant of how to proceed. “You honor me with your words, your majesty – a mere common girl,” she finally said, hoping her tone was both measures of sincere and confident.

An almost amused turn of his lips showed, as though this confession struck him as curious. “Common? My dear, surely someone has made note of your beauty?” questioned the king, eyebrow raised.

She let a few seconds tick by, debating between the honest answer – which could both potentially humor or annoy him – and the rehearsed one.

He must have noticed her pause, for his expression darkened somewhat. “Tell me, my dear. I will not ask again.”

“I-I’m afraid that I’ve always had my nose stuck in a book,” Estelle admitted, pink coloring her cheeks at the confession. That most certainly would not impress him. Although, to be fair, it was true. Estelle had likely read at least half of the books in Lifeway, being the bookworm that she was. But would her words cause his anger to arise? She needed to fix this. “A few mentions have been made, but I don’t really pay much attention to it.”

Ah, so she was not jealous. That was good. It would keep her from interfering with his habits…thought the king, also noting to himself, and she likes to read. I admire intelligence, though she would need to know her place. I will not tolerate someone going against my authority.

While the king was deep in thought, Estelle took this time to study his appearance. He had dirty blonde hair that looked terribly untamed, despite his status. Amber brown eyes blended nicely with his rather rugged complexion, and she noted that he was a good head taller than herself.

Moments later, the king asked, “What do you make of love – do you think, such an idealistic notion can be found in this?” He twirled an ebony curl of hers around his finger, distracted by her apparent beauty. It was a wonder that she was not more aware of it, he thought.

“Love, love to me…is the greatest gift. It encompasses all the goodness that the world can offer, it is sacrifice. Tenderness. Caring for someone more than yourself. Beauty,” answered Estelle, passion feeling her voice. She shifted her position on the cream sofa, before continuing, “I do not think that there is anything more wonderful than love. Can you find love…with your chosen bride? Well, anything is possible. I think it would take hard work, on both parts. But, I do believe the potential is there.”

He looked at her – for once completely serious. “You seem to have quite the utopian view on love. Such a fickle thing.”



She had refused him! HIM. THE KING! What maddening person did that? screamed the king’s mind, moments after Estelle had left. Angrily, he dashed his hand across the desk – papers, cell phone, and documents scattering.

He could have forced her. But he didn’t.

And this, in and of itself, struck him as terribly odd. He was the king. No one refused him anything. Yet this woman had the nerve to!

Part of him was angered by this show of rebellion. Part of him was glad that someone had finally stood up to him. Part of him admired the fiery spirit she had hidden beneath a show of peacefulness. Part of him found it completely and utterly amusing.

And a tiny, tiny part of him, wanted to woe her in a manner that princes did in the fairytales of old.

She was, most beautiful, after all.


Estelle could hardly believe that this was happening. She, a mere woman of twenty, was in the process of wedding the king. When did life become so crazy?

“My dear, you look ravishing,” murmured her new husband into her ear, not caring that the priest was in the process of officiating the ceremony.

Blushing brightly, Estelle bit back an embarrassed smile. “You flatter me, my king. I must say that you look quite handsome,” she whispered back.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride,” came the long awaited announcement.

Looking down at her, the king smiled – unable to take his eyes off of her beauty. She wore a princess styled a-line wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline. Beautiful lace covered the blush pink hue of it along with lovely appliques at the bottom. Her dark locks had been carefully crafted into an elegant bun, while a smoky eye highlighted her hazel orbs.

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Gently, he cradled her face in his hands and as the crowd cheered, the newlywed couple kissed – lips meeting in a tender affection.

“King Xavier and Queen Estelle!”