The Last Jedi ~ Movie Review

*Cue drumroll* Pause. Ok, announcement: I AM LATE WITH THIS REVIEW. MY APOLOGIES Y’ALL. Alright, continuing! *Drumroll resumes* …. The Last Jedi came out December 15, 2017. I was totally not counting down the days, and absolutely did not look at any Star Wars related content up to its release. Nothing. Nope. Nadaaaaa. Fine. Y’all…… Continue reading The Last Jedi ~ Movie Review

Undercover Boss

The lights flash overhead –¬†flash flash flash. The crimson curtains fall in perfect line across the stage –¬†swish swish swish. In the crowd, dozens upon dozens of angels stand transfixed – gaze adoringly focused on their Lord. No sound is made, and yet there is an uncanny sense of destiny and heroism about to be…… Continue reading Undercover Boss