Wow. It happened.

What, you may be asking, happened? Well, my wonderful readers and dreamers, the author of this blog has officially graduated from high school (for the sake of my sanity, we’re going to ignore the fact that I still have a few weeks left of school).

Yep. Eighteen years in the making and here I am.

I don’t think the fact that I’m graduating really hit me until I was standing in the church, with my peers. We all looked at each as if to say right. this is really here. this isn’t some idea in our heads anymore. we’re graduating.

Not going to lie, when the entire notion of you being DONE with your childhood, officially considered an adult by the entire world hits you…it’s a bit terrifying.

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So, when Griffin suggested that we all skip our graduation and go and get milkshakes instead…It was a terribly tempting proposition. Especially considering the fact that we had to give speeches, and anyone who knows me, knows that I abhor speaking in front of people.

Then, we all had a mid-panic, because did we just miss the music cue. Are we supposed to go in now? Later? Has it started? And because I was first, if I missed the cue, everyone else would be off.

No pressure XD

Thankfully, someone told us when to go (bless her!), and off I went down the aisle. I wore my white graduation gown and cap, with gold tassels and fringes. Wearing my two inch white wedge heels – I’m not the most coordinated person anyway, and so I thought it would be wise to steer clear of too-high shoes, I walked up the steps and took my place.

Once all five of us were on the stage, Mrs. Kim came up to speak. For those of you who don’t know her, she is a wonderful and precious lady. She was so gracious in allowing me to be a part of CHAT (homeschool co-op), even though I was not able to make the third class because of previous school scheduling. Shoutout to her for that, and for creating an amazing and intimate ceremony for the seniors! You’re the best! 🙂

Both Chelsea and Haley’s dads prayed, with the later speaking. They both did an amazing job.

For the ceremony, a video with a song and pictures of the graduate had to be created. They played each video, and after one was done…the graduate had to speak.

Deep breath.

With my notecards in hand – let’s be real, there was no way I was going to speak from memory, I stood and went to the podium. It was not quite as terrifying as I had imagined, though I certainly was relieved to be done! 😉

Miyah, who looked fabulous, walked up the steps and took the microphone. She sang Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman. I love that song, and she did an incredible job!

Then came time for my parents to take the stage, speak, and hand me my diploma. My mom held the diploma, while my dad took the microphone. He gave a great speech, although I suppose I’m slightly biased since it was about me xD, and was about to close when my mom interjected. In a characteristic fashion, my mom spontaneously decided that she needed to say something too. So, she did.

It’s funny standing there and having someone say so many nice things about you, even if it is your family. Like, I’m not sure I deserve all of this.

But, ONWARDS! They handed me my diploma, and the ceremony continued.

Mrs. Kim gave each of us, as graduates, a new Bible. Thank you Mrs. Kim, I will treasure it always! This is also a good point to make an important note: THANK YOU LORD FOR BRINGING ME THIS FAR. Eighteen years!

We turned our tassels, pictures were taken, and then came the time for us to exit the stage…as the official CHAT graduating class of 2017!

Once the rain had paused, we all took advantage of the break in weather and rushed outside for the throwing of the caps. The first try was a…fail. We all threw ours up at different times. Time for take two! THIS TIME, we laughingly requested a countdown. There were about eight different cameras going on at once, so I’m pretty sure we must have gotten a good picture out of one of those! xD

I’m going to be honest y’all. High School Musical was my childhood, and there was a large part of me that totally wanted to break out in that graduation number. Who’s with me? 😉

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All in all, it was a wonderful ceremony. Thank you to Mrs Kim for putting it together, you did an incredible job! Thank you to everyone who came and helped me get this far, and congrats to all of my peers who graduated as well! WE DID IT Y’ALL!

~ newly graduated, Southern Dreamer

Curriculum and the GHEA Conference

Hey y’all!

Here goes my second blog post ever! 🙂 In the “About” section of my blog, I mentioned that I am homeschooled. Actually, I have only been homeschooled for two years, previously I had attended a private Christian school. Anyways, I thought I would give y’all all a summary of the curriculum I use, in case any of y’all are thinking about switching up your curriculum or are beginning to think about homeschooling. Below are all the different types of curriculum that I have used, including the ones I currently am (and will be) using.

1. Potter’s School

Potter’s School is an online school. All of their classes are either one day or two days a week, for an hour and a half per class. They offer classes ranging from accounting and macroeconomics all the way to Arabic and web design, not to mention all the usual subjects and courses. I have found their English program to be excellent, and you truly learn to write well. Regarding their math program, it is very challenging and quite frankly math online is just tough. For me personally, I feel that math is one of those subjects that is sort of difficult to learn and thrive with online. If you decide to go through Potter’s School, you will receive credits for taking the classes. I am currently using Potter’s School as part of my education. If this interests you, the link below will take you to their website where you can get more information.

2. Sonlight

Sonlight is not an online school, but it is a curriculum that contains material for students in pre-school all the way through grade twelve. One wonderful benefit about this curriculum, is that what you are learning about in history corresponds to your reading books. Also, they have the weeks and days planned out for you, in other words, they give you a schedule to follow. Of course, if you don’t want to follow it, that’s fine, but it definitely helps give some structure and lessens the stress of having to come up with one on your own. Sonlight has every normal school subject covered. The link below will take you to their website if you are interested.

3. Red Wagon Tutorials  

Red Wagon Tutorials is an online school, and I think (I am not 100% sure about this) that they only do science classes. This is an excellent online school as well, and like Potter’s School, each class is an hour and a half. They have classes once a week. I am currently using this.

So there y’all go! These are all the different curriculums I have used before, however, coming up this next school year I will be trying out BJU for my math and vocabulary.

Now, on to the GHEA Conference! Today, my family and I, traveled to Atlanta, which is about an hour from where we live, to go to the Georgia Homeschooling Conference. It is a great time to see all the separate vendors and curriculums in one place, and to get to physically see it. Teaching Textbooks, Math-U-See, Apologia, Bob Jones University, and Sonlight were only some of the ones there among many more.

I hope this has been of some help to y’all!

– Southern Dreamer