Creative Writing ~ Random Words

This is Blair. Exactly like her hair, face, dress, place would be like...: “ISLA!”

“ISLA!” the frantic male voice shouted again.

With a huff, Isla Lotus turned around to face her fiancé. Her golden curls were arranged delicately down her back in an intricate display, though her eyebrows were furrowed in annoyance. Simple, ivory fabric created the eighteen-year-old’s dress and buttery rays of sunlight beaming through the arched window, cast a glow onto her fair face. One characteristic, however, that was unlike most, were her eyes.

Isla’s eyes were a hazy, yet brilliant silver. Not grey, silver. When one looked at them, there was almost a sense that they could see into your very soul. See, however, her eyes could not. Isla was blind and had been from the time she was born.

“Jasper,” began Isla, soft voice echoing in the room, “you know not to interrupt my sessions. What is the matter?” She reached out with her magic – the closest Isla would ever get to having an idea of what the world truly looked like – and let it waft over him. :

Jasper shivered. Even after all these years, he could never quite get used to the feeling of cold air that enveloped him when Isla used her magic to “see” her surroundings.

While her magic was not sight, it did afford Isla something most blind people were not privileged to have – a way to see the world. Isla could see the outline of the world in black and white through her magic. It was like a sixth sense that sent images into her mind. However, exerting her magic could often be draining. Which was why she had decided to have daily sessions where she stretched herself, in the hopes that it would increase her endurance.

Suddenly, her normally quiet voice became terrified. “You’re hurt!” She hastily stood to her feet, rushing across the wooden flooring. A blind person – even one with magic – running is not the best idea, as Isla quickly realized.

When she had almost reached him, Isla tripped and would have fallen if Jasper had not reached out to catch her.

“Careful Isla,” soothed Jasper, “And I really am alright. It’s only a scrap here and there. God was watching over me or I surely would not have gotten away.”

Briefly ignoring him, Isla reached her slender hands out to feel his face. She had to be certain that he was not hurt since Jasper had a terrible habit of downplaying any injuries. Her hands brushed over his cheekbones, her right one tingling with a wet substance. Blood…thought Isla, going back to that spot. However, it did not seem to be enough to cause concern, and so she moved on.

Once satisfied, Isla asked worriedly, “What happened Jasper? Who did this to you?”

“I went to make my rounds by the more…exotic creatures, and you will never believe what I found,” answered Jasper, carefully repositioning Isla so that he could retrieve something out of his pocket. He pulled out a thick, creamy envelop with a seal on it.

“What is it?”

“I-I think it may be what you have been dreaming of these past few weeks,” replied Jasper, tone unsure as he broke the seal – handing the letter to his love.

During the last two months, Isla had been having uncannily realistic and clear dreams, more like visions really, of an invention that could enable blind people to read. Could this possibly be what she had been dreaming of?

Isla gasped as she fingered the parchment. Braille…” she murmured awestruck amazement, fingers gliding over the bumpy ridges. Happy tears filled her silver eyes causing them to appear in a sparkling manner as she looked up at Jasper. “Oh, do you know what this could possibly mean? I-I, maybe we could finally have a chance now.”

Smiling tenderly at her, Jasper nodded – embracing her warmly. He let a few seconds pass, before adding, “Darling, that is not all.”

“There’s something else?”

“Outside of the exposition, was a great riot. The central lamppost had been knocked down and the main path was covered with debris. I managed to calm most of them down, but I fear that I might have missed some trespassers.Art-Glass Egg Paperweight in a Gorgeous mix of Purple, Violet & Pink ♥≻★≺♥LoVe! *artist??:

Isla bit her lip in concern. All of the magical creatures they took care of were especially close to her heart, but on particularly so. “Was India…?” she questioned, hoping that her dragon was safe. As a little girl, Isla was given a lavender dragon egg, and ever since, she and India had been kindred spirits.

India was a beautiful deep plum shade in her natural hue, though her magical camouflaging abilities meant that she often was another color or invisible. She had a particular affinity for balloons, an odd quirk for such a massive being.

Knowing how much Isla loved her dragon, Jasper quickly reassured her. “India is perfectly fine. She was the first one I went to check on.”


Tying her phoenix cloak – kept warmed by the bird’s feathers – around her snugly, Isla tensed as her magical senses told her that danger was up ahead. “Be careful, I feel that there is something close by,” she told Jasper, who walked protectively next to her.

The two were on another path, not the main one since that had been ruined. Round stones created the one they were traversing on, and if it were not for the knowledge that Jasper had given her, Isla would have thought that the day could not have possibly gotten lovelier. The breeze swept through the air, making her thankful for her cloak – a gift made even more special by the phoenix allowing her to have some of his feathers.

All of a sudden, Jasper’s voice gasped. “Oh no…”

“What is it? Jasper?” inquired Isla, beginning to feel frustrated by her lack of sight. In this emotion, she did not wait for him to reply and used her magic to “see” what had caught his attention.

Her mouth dropped open. “Oh, the poor dear,” murmured Isla dejectedly, increasing her pace. For a mother elephant and her baby were laying on the ground, the older animal not moving. The baby’s trunk tugged on its mother’s, yet she was still. Worriedly, the smaller one gave a loud cry – perhaps hoping that this would cause his mother to reply.

Jasper shook his head grimly. “The mother is dead,” he told Isla, as gently as he could.

Tears filling her eyes, Isla sniffled. She hated death. Being such a tender soul, Isla had a heart that easily broke for others, and this included animals. “I-I’ll take the baby,” she managed to mumble, stepping forward and calling the younger elephant.

His head lifted up, looking at her. And to no one’s surprise, the elephant – with a last nuzzle to his mother – walked up to Isla. For some, this might seem odd, but Isla Lotus had a gift for communicating with animals. This was one of the reasons why she had started the exposition in the first place: to provide a safe haven for magical creatures, who would otherwise be targeted by wicked sorcerers. They had never had a non-magical animal before, but she was not opposed to it.

“Hello,” greeted Isla, holding out her hand, “I’m Isla. What might your name be?”

The baby tilted his head to the side, trunk coming up gingerly to inspect her hand. Sound coming from his mouth, he looked up at her.

“Kai? That is a wonderful name,” replied Isla, as though this were an ordinary conversation. Her voice dropped to a whisper. “I-I’m so sorry about your mother.” She rubbed him comfortingly. “We would like you to stay on with us, if you want to. We have a wonderful lake – full of water, perfect for bubbles. What do you say?”

Bobbing his head up and down, the elephant gave his agreement.

“Oh good!” exclaimed Isla, some anxiety being eliminated now that she knew the baby would be safe. As it bumped into her, she added, “Don’t worry Kai, you’ll be ok. I promise.”

Author note: For my Creative Writing class, we had to create a short story using the below list of random words. And this is what I came up with! 🙂



Creative Writing ~ Forget the “E”

I look into my mirror anxiously, anticipating what would occur. As I do so, I catch sound of my maid of honor hurrying into this room.

“Nora!” Lissy shouts, flashing a grin. “You look stunning! I am loving your hair. Did you know that your mom was a whiz with braids?”

Starting to talk, I was cut off by Lissy’s words.

“And how is it fair, that God thought to grant you with such glorious hair? Look at your curls! C’mon! And such a fabulous color too…cinnamon,” Lissy sighs, “and I got stuck with dumb old straw.” Lissy tugs on a straight strand of hair, as if to show this truth of such a plight.

Laughing, I say, “Oh Lissy, your hair is dazzling.”

My maid of honor tsks, not taking such bait. “Anyway, don’t worry about this old girl. I’ll probably just turn into a sad cat lady,” Lissy shrugs, “but this is your big day! And I must say, that ball gown is scoring big points in my book!”

David Tutera for Mon Cheri Spring 2017 Collection - Style No. 117292 Aurelia - off-the-shoulder tulle over organza ball gown wedding dress with illusion scalloped lace three-quarter length sleeves: At that, I look down at my gown. It was an ivory color, not too crazy, but a bit original. Dainty, flowing silk had a span from my waist downwards, though it had a simplistic aura at my waist. My glitz was shown in my studs, wrist charms, and facial constitution. And lastly, I had on a pair of pumps, in a color of crystal. “Thanks! I had so much fun trying gowns on.”

“Lissy, Nora!”


I look at Nora – smiling happily and think how lucky I am. My darling is radiant and my soul sings at our joining, though it has not fully hit my mind. Still, I can only savor my thrill at this occasion and vast ardor I hold towards my light.

On my hand and Nora’s, is a band of gold – though, my darling’s has a glinting diamond. Ivory forms a sanctuary of floating fabric around Nora, in contrast, I don a suit that hints of such things as far off stars and dark nights.

Faithful to tradition, I grasp Nora’s hand in my own. Guiding my additional half into an orbit of swirling clothing of organza, stiff fabric, and fancy garb, I pull my darling into a waltz. A crown of cinnamon lulls against my crisp top and I position my chin upon it. As our dancing forms twist and turn through those ticking clock pinnacles, I focus on details which this occasion of such formality has wrought. Diagonal to us, I spot luscious ambrosia. My own is a simplistic cocoa flavor with a tint all-around of dark mahogany. Nora’s is classical with snow fondant and frills that distinguish my light’s soul. I scan our crowd to whom rang in at our matrimony occasion and find many of my darling’s confidants – all displaying such cobalt that has Nora’s adoration. Without fail, I find my in-laws in which this woman has moist skin, sad and happy facial constitution combining.

Bringing my focus back to Nora, I say with a joking smirk, “So, am I Rom – .”Tbh:

“What? No! Cassian.” Nora nods firmly. “And I am Jyn. Cassian and Jyn top Rom and Juls any day.”

“Thus, I accordingly am Cassian to your Jyn?”

“Without fail, my captain.”


The Christmas Angel ~ Creative Writing

Bam. Bam. Bam. The firing of guns echoed in the distance. Crimson, auburn, and gold exploded onto the scene and rained down like fire from the sky. Screams filled the landscape in a horrible, eerie lullaby to woe one to sleep. But this sleep, was death.

Andy Miller laid on the hard earth, pain ricocheting through his body faster than he could count. His left arm was bent at an unholy angle, and any movement he made caused a cry to escape his throat. Should’ve known not to take that chance…he thought, remembering what caused him to be in this position in the first place.

He and the rest of the fellows in the patrol, had heard there was an opportunity to break through in the lines. And like any young fool, they decided to take the chance.

It was the worst decision of his twenty-four-year-old life. Everything had gone horribly wrong. From the moment they had bulged through and began fighting, Andy knew that the odds of each one of them going home alive, were slim.

Tears streaked down his ashen coated face, creating streaks down his skin. God, I’m sorry I was such an idiot. Please take care of my family…prayed Andy mentally, thinking about his parents and siblings. What would they do when they heard the news? Because as much as he would like to believe, that he would come out of this alive, in all truthfulness, Andy Miller realized that would not happen. He had an arm that was barely hanging on, ribs likely broken, and who knew what other kind of internal damage he might have?


Celeste looked at the poor man in sorrow. War…such a dreadful, horrible, terrible, completely unnecessary thing! And at Christmastime no less! thought the angel sadly, tender heart breaking at the scene before her.God's Love | ... From Ann And The Angels – 2 June 2012 ~ | Love And Light Portal:


“Yes Lord?”

Remember what you have to do. I know you love Christmas…and matchmaking, but try not to get distracted.

“Yes, sir. I’ll try my very, very best!” Celeste had just completed the Christmas Angel program, a very important program. It was the same one that the angels who appeared to the shepherd’s had gone through.

She took her job quite seriously. And now, she was about to appear to her first Christmas assignment.

“Fear not, fear not, fear not,” Celeste chanted as she began to appear. She could not mess this up. And how could someone mess up saying two words? Well, Celeste supposed, that she would be the first to do that.


Andy had pretty much resigned himself to the fact that his end would be death. Not exactly what someone wants to think about…during the Christmas season. But then again…Suddenly, his eyes – which had been partially closed – fluttered open.

What on earth? Is that – ? It couldn’t be. Wow. I really must be dying…thought Andy Miller, as he looked at the figure bathed in shining light.

She had white-blonde hair, in a slew of unruly curls, and was currently bouncing on the toes of her feet. A brilliant smile rested on her face. Behind her, rose a pair of beautiful wings, matching the angelic appearance.

Angelic. Land sakes, that’s an angel!


Celeste had just appeared before the injured soldier. The man looked absolutely dumbfounded, and with what little movement he could make, seemed to be in a great deal of shock. Oh! Poor dear! So close to death around Christmas – of all things! But, he will not be dying today! thought Celeste triumphantly, then reminding herself to focus.

“Fear not,” she began, squealing inwardly at not messing up the words. Holly berries and candy canes! I did it! Praise you, Lord! cheered her mind happily. “Even in such a dismal place, you – Andy Miller, are not going to die. This is the month of our Lord’s birth, and He has graciously given you a second chance at life. Tomorrow – ”

All of a sudden, a voice croaked out, “Are you an angel? Or am I just hallucinating?”

Blinking, Celeste stared at him for a single second. “A hallucination? No, no. I am one-hundred-percent real. Nothing pretend about me!”

“Alright, if you say so.”

Celeste sighed. She would not let this deter her! And, to be fair, soldiers had experienced hallucinations before, so it wasn’t too crazy for him to be thinking that. Especially, in the state that he was in. “Well, anyway, tomorrow you will be rescued by a platoon,” she hoped that was the correct term. All of these army words got mixed up in her already scattered mind. “You will see me again, between now and the time when you will return to the U.S.”

Then, she disappeared.


True to Celeste’s words, Andy Miller did not die that day. He was rescued, as told by the angel, and instantly taken to a hospital. Because of his dire condition, Andy’s left arm had to be amputated along with some broken ribs which had to be wrapped and treated. There were a few other injuries, but none as severe as the amputee.

As of yet, Andy had not seen Celeste since. And in all honesty, wasn’t even sure if she was real or not.


Celeste squealed inwardly. She could not wait for this. Of course, there was no guarantee that her match-making would work…Shaking her head, she smiled. It would work. After all, it was the Christmas season! And Christmas was all about love!Want to learn how to French Fishtail Braid your own hair? Click on this pin to watch the tutorial on how to recreate this classic hairstyle. This is serious #braidedhairgoals! <3:

“Stop one, check on Ella Collins. Then, go see Andy Miller. Lastly, lots of praying,” said Celeste to herself as she prepared for the young physical therapist to get out of her car.

Ella had cinnamon locks that were tied back in a pretty fishtail braid. Her blue working attire, matched her grey-opal eyes wonderfully. And, as an inside source, Celeste knew that Ella was exactly the same age as Andy: twenty-four. Perfect.

And, here we go! thought Celeste, appearing in front of the young woman.


Late last night, Ella had received a call from her superior that a young army veteran had been admitted. He had recently had his left arm amputated and was in need of physical therapy. Even though it was last minute, Ella was never one to turn down a challenge – and so she accepted.

But this figure with wings. Yeah. Not exactly what Ella Collins was expecting.

“Fear not, Ella Collins. I have come here to bring you wonderful news!” exclaimed, what a dumbfounded Ella could only assume was an angel, “the patient you are now going to see, is none other than your soulmate.”

Soulmate. Well, that was the most illogical statement Ella had ever heard. Sure, it sounded all nice and Hallmark-like (and she did love a good Christmas movie), but soulmates? That was just fiction. “I’m sorry, I think you have the wrong person.”

The angel frowned. “You don’t believe me,” she huffed unhappily, “humans. And in the Christmas season no less.” She furrowed her brow, thinking intently, before a happy smile came on her face. “Never mind, you will see that I am right. Have a merry Christmas!”

And Ella’s mouth dropped open as the angel disappeared.


Entering into the hospital room, Ella – who never tripped – had a sudden, humiliating experience. She fell onto the bed that her patient was sitting on. Horrible.

“I am so sorry!” exclaimed Ella quickly, scrambling upward as an awful blush coated her fair cheeks. She stole a glance at the patient, and was reluctant to admit, that at the very least, he was an attractive person.

The man shrugged. “Don’t worry about it.”

A beam of light shot into the room, causing the two young people to instantly be on alert. But of course, it was only Celeste. The angel had a happy expression on her face as she came closer to the hospital bed.

“I’m so glad you two finally met!”

“Ohhhh dear, you were actually real,” mumbled Ella, eyes widening.

Andy, turned his head towards the physical therapist. “You’ve seen her too?”

“Yeah. Earlier, in the parking lot.”

Celeste grinned. “I am very real Ella, and she already knows, but I haven’t told you, yet, Andy. You two are soulmates!” The angel beamed at them.

With his right hand, he rubbed the back of his neck. “Do you believe her?”

“Of course not! That-that’s completely illogical!”

At that, Andy cracked a small smile. “Well, the fact that I am alive is completely illogical. She,” he pointed at Celeste, “appeared to me as I was dying, and told me I would live. Believe what you want, but as crazy as it sounds, at this point,” he shrugged, “heck. Anything could be true.”

Ella frowned, but could not find it in herself to refute him.

“Oh! Would you look at that? Mistletoe!” exclaimed Celeste innocently.Image result for mistletoe with bell

Great. She’s not going to be satisfied until we kiss. Well. I am absolutely not doing that, but if it will get her to leave…thought Ella, resigning herself to this situation. She leaned over – and what Ella meant to only be a kiss on the cheek – ended up being one on the lips, when Andy unintentionally turned his head.

And though both were too stubborn to admit it, they did not hate it. As for Celeste, she grinned happily as the tiny bell on the magical mistletoe dinged. “Oh! I have done it! It dinged, that means they’re destined for true love!” she clapped her hands together gleefully, “Save me a seat at the wedding…future Mr. and Mrs. Miller.”

Then, the Christmas angel disappeared.

©2016 Lanie Dean. All Rights Reserved.



Family ~ Creative Writing



Briar-Rose, or as she was known for short, Briar, huffed a breath and looked back at her twin brother in dismay. “The letter said that we had to go to the train tracks.” She waved the crisp, cream envelope in front of Tremayne’s face.

Must have patience…thought Tremayne, definitely the more cautious of the two. “I know that Briar, and the letter also…oh, I don’t know, popped out of thin air.”

Blowing a dark strand of hair out of her face, Briar’s shoulders dropped. “Don’t you want to find out who we are? Where we come from? I’m tired of going from foster-house to foster-house, only to be slammed back into the system. And always having to worry about whether or not they’ll keep us together.”

“I would never let them take you from me Briar,” stated Tremayne in extreme seriousness, his fists clenched tightly at the thought of someone separating him and his baby sister.

“But what if you couldn’t stop it?”

“I WOULD NOT LET THAT HAPPEN!” shouted Tremayne, gold sparks flying out from his clenched hands.

Briar wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. “I know Tre,” she whispered softly, head laid down on his shoulder, “but don’t you want to know? Are you not at least curious why we are like this? Why we have this…this…magic? When no one else does?” She sighed heavily.

“I do want to know Briar. It’s just…” Tremayne let out a breath, dark eyes briefly closing shut, “What if this is a trick? What if someone is trying to-to,” he shook his head, “I don’t want someone to hurt you Briar. You’re all I have. I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.”

“But you’re not going to lose me Tre,” replied Briar, giving him a sincere smile.

“You always were the positive one,” teased Tremayne in a melancholy way. He ruffled her dark locks, causing Briar to swat his hand away. Suddenly, his expression grew more serious. “Are you sure you want to do this Briar? We can still go back, it’s not too late.”

Briar frowned. “Go back to what Tre? Disorder, chaos, yelling? I don’t want to go back to that. I’m tired of always being tossed around. I want a family.”

“Well, you have me.” He gave her a cheeky grin.

“Smarty-pants,” stated Briar, a loving annoyance to her tone, “and yeah, we do have each other, but don’t you want a whole family? A mother, father? Grandparents?”

 Tremayne nodded.

“So, this could be our chance Tremayne,” pleaded Briar, “and really, what do we have to lose? Ms. McLaine with her overly high-pitched voice and hatred for the older kids? Another holiday with no one to celebrate?”

“Alright, alright,” mumbled her twin brother, throwing his hands up in the air, “you’ve made your point little sis – ”


“If you really want to do this, we’ll go. But,” Tremayne added, seeing her expression light up at his first statement, “the instant we sense or see any danger, we’re leaving. Got it?”

Seeing that this was going to be the only way to get her twin in agreement, Briar-Rose nodded. “Fine Tre, but you have to give this a chance too, ok?”

“I will, I will,” agreed Tremayne, then fixing his sister with a stern expression, “and you, young lady, need to be careful.”

At that, Briar instantly started to protest. “I am careful!”

“So you were careful the time you fell out of a tree and broke your ankle?”

“I was six!”

“And what about recently, when you tried to tame a baby bear?”

“It was cute!”

“And wild.”

Briar pouted. “That baby loved me!”

“Sure, Briar,” stated Tremayne sarcastically, “and if it had not been for me, you would have been having a lovely conversation with that baby bear’s mother. So when I say to be careful, please listen to me.”

That baby bear really did love me! And it was so adorable…thought Briar-Rose with a sigh. She loved animals – especially baby animals.


“Of course I’m going to be careful, Tre! I’m not stupid!”

“I never said you were stupid, but you do happen to have a very compassionate, giving heart and that can get you into dangerous situations. Just be careful, ok?”

“I will, I will,” repeated Briar-Rose, shaking her head at her brother’s over-protectiveness and worry. They would be fine! He’s worrying for nothing…I just know it. This is our chance to find out about our past, and I am not going to miss that opportunity! thought Briar decidedly. “Let’s go, I don’t want to mess this up!”

And with that exclamation, Briar darted off into the wooded area. Her locks, which had been tossed into a messy bun, were quickly beginning to scatter out – with the entire hairstyle beginning to unravel.

“Briar-Rose Gold!” yelled Tremayne, taking off after his rambunctious sister. Why does she always do this?

He ran after her for a while longer, before he saw her come to a halt. She collapsed onto the railroad train tracks – out of breathe from her excursion.

“Don’t ever do that again Briar!”

Briar-Rose, however, had a perfectly happy expression on her face – the complete opposite of what her brother’s was. Quickly, she yanked out the cream envelope and read through the letter again. “Yes! We’re not late! Just on time!” she exclaimed joyfully, much to her twin’s chagrin.

Conversation Pic

“Briar. Do you know what could have happened if – ”

But any effort on Tremayne’s part to capture his sister’s attention was a complete failure, for she was completely transfixed on two figures that had suddenly appeared.

One, was an older man – perhaps in his forties. He had hazel eyes and matching brown hair. The second figure, was a woman. She appeared to be younger than the man by several years, and with her flowing golden locks and ocean blue eyes, had a youthful appearance.

The twins were completely still, though Tremayne had come to his sister’s side in a protective stance.

“Who are you?” he demanded.

The woman’s eyes filled with tears, much to the surprise of the teenagers. “I-I’m Wendy,” she managed to say, hand clenching the man’s tightly.

“And I’m Gideon Gold,” answered the man, tone smooth and gentle.

Briar-Rose had stood up to go introduce herself, however, Tremayne was having none of that. He kept a hand on his sister’s arm, shaking his head slightly.

“Why did you call us here?”

The couple exchanged glances, before Wendy decided to speak. “We-we’re your parents.” Her voice was full of emotion and regret, a few tears still trickling down her cheeks.

Seeing the disbelief and doubt on their faces, Gideon added, “We would have come sooner, but there was an extremely dangerous person we had to subdue first. They would have stopped at nothing to take you both from us.”

And somehow, despite how insane and crazy it sounded, the twins believed them.

“You’re-you’re our parents?” whispered Briar-Rose, eyes wide as she looked from Gideon to Wendy and back again.

They nodded, and the twins ran to embrace their parents as a family…a whole, complete family.

Author Note: If you watch Once Upon A Time, you may have caught the reference to Wendy Darling and Gideon Gold 😉 I’m not very happy with the fact that Adam and Eddy had the Black Fairy kidnap Gideon and corrupt him, so I wrote this little thing to satisfy my belief that he will come back as a hero.