God’s Not Dead

A couple of weeks ago, my family and I were in Atlanta, and we decided to go to a theatre and see the new movie God’s Not Dead. I was so excited and had already seen the movie trailer many times, so I could not wait until the movie started! We found our seats and the lights dimmed. After all the many, many, commercials and previews for other movies had passed, it finally began!

*Warning – spoilers ahead*

The movie did not disappoint! I loved it! Those who developed it, incorporated so many different, real-life elements into the film. A young, Christian college student whose professor attacked his faith, one young woman who was diagnosed with cancer, and still, one college aged female decides between her Muslim upbringing and all she has ever known or a new life of truth and hope. The battle between taking a stand in what you believe in or conforming to what everyone else is telling you, remains evident throughout the film.

The Newsboys and Willie and Korie Robertson make a special appearance in the movie, and one of the actors is Kevin Sorbo, who has been in movies such as Soul Surfer, What If, and Hercules.

I am thrilled that more and more Christian, and moral-containing movies are being made! I highly recommend this movie, and it is appropriate for any age group.

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