Part 2: SLU101 – the best leadership conference/camp ever!


SLU101. An amazing experience. Today, I am going to give all of y’all just a tiny idea of how truly amazing this leadership conference is. I loved how they gave us the tools to learn to be godly leaders in our homes, community, and the world. First off, the founder of SLU – Dr. Jay Strack – spoke many times during the week. Below are some of my favorite pieces of his advice and “speech”:

“The most popular symbol of excellence is the eagle because of its focus (to concentrate on what matters most), faithfulness, and stamina (the ability to keep going even when you don’t feel like it) to finish. When everything else starts to head for cover, eagles begin to soar. Eagles fly higher and faster during the storm.”                                                                                                                               “Excellence: to rise above; to soar.”                                                                                                 “Excellence is an attitude.”                                                                                                                              “A dream is three little words…just imagine if.”                                                                                       “Vision is a dream with a direction.”                                                                                                             “A goal is a detailed dream with direction, dedication, and a deadline.”

Another speaker that spoke frequently during the week, was Dr. Brent Crowe. As I did with Dr. Jay Strack, here are some of my favorite parts of what he taught and challenged during the four days:

(He was talking about components of the leadership journey, and one of those was “see the big picture.” This is in reference to that thought.) “It means to see the entire city and not just one house.”                                                                                                                                                                   (Another component of the leadership journey was to “see further down the road.”)  “I must dig a well now before I am thirsty.”                                                                                                                                                          “God did NOT create me infinitely valuable just to survive.”                                                                     “If you really understand grace, then there are no excuses.”                                                             “Imagination: the use of creative energy within the contexts of God’s creation to fulfill God’s purpose.”

Another person who spoke was Mark Miller – the vice – president of Chick-fi-la. Here are a few things he said that I liked:

“Very few leaders fail because they don’t have skills.”                                                                         “Leadership always begins with a picture of the future.”

Chuck Allen, was another speaker. Below are a couple of the things he said that I liked:

“If you can’t learn to manage, you can’t learn to lead.”                                                                              “The third essential tool for time and goal management is a prioritized task list.”

There were a few more speakers, and MUCH more wonderful information, wisdom, and advice that they gave us. I strongly suggest to anyone who desires to be a godly leader to go to this leadership conference! I promise you will not regret it! I myself, have taken what I learned there and put it into action the best I can. It is a very encouraging conference to go to, and what you will learn there is priceless. Below is SLU’s website…I hope y’all will take the time to consider going to this!

– Southern Dreamer



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