Adorable Bags


If you know anything about me, then you know that I absolutely love shopping. I am convinced it is therapy for girls. On that note, I decided to share with all my lovely readers, several bags that I am dying to get my hands on!


This Burberry bag caught my attention immediately! The design is unique and I love the chrome hued background.


For a while now, I have enjoyed Coach’s purses and bags and with this specific one having the adorable bow, I can’t help but want it! 🙂 I have had one Coach purse and it stayed in good condition for two years before beginning to show wear – definitely well-made.


Spartina, is a new brand I have discovered and I love the classy designs and styles! This small backpack would be perfect for taking on trips with the alternative being lugging around a heavy purse.


All I can say is LOVE LOVE LOVE. 😉 From the sparkly exterior to the adorable pink bow, this definitely ranks up in my favorite bags list.


This bag from Urban Outfitters makes a stunning statement! The brown color enables this to go with many different outfits while the additional glitter keeps it from being too boring.


This Monopoly leather backpack would be a wonderful solution for school! It comes in the shown caramel brown color as well as a minty green, ivory white, and a mustard yellow.

And there we go! Those are some of the bags on my wish-list currently! What styles and brands of totes, purses, and backpacks do y’all love? Tell me in the comments! Have a wonderful day and keep shopping! 😉

~ Southern Dreamer

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