Comfort Zone

Trust the One who created you to lead you to the places He has set aside for you, wherever that may be:

Well. You know the moment when the Holy Spirit is speaking to you and you’re just like why did I come here/walk this way/etc self?

That was me on Wednesday.

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Here’s the scenario: I was coming out of Walmart and was walking behind an older man who had several groceries in his cart. That’s when God was like, you need to ask him if he needs help putting his groceries away.

And then my brain was all like, maybe that’s not God. Except. Then you start getting that feeling where you “just know.”

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My mind then went into compromising territory. Maybe I can just ask to take his cart back for him. Yeah. That’s…good. Because as an introvert, the thought of just going up to a stranger is sort of *ahem* terrifying.

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So. You can see why this would be out of my comfort zone. I was totally planning to go with the whole just-ask-to-take-his-cart thing, except…his car was way before my car. And it would be sort of…creepy, I thought, if I just stood there…waiting while he was loading them up. #IpromiseI’mnotastalker xD

Well, that sort of made me have to make a decision. #YIKES

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I walked up to him and asked him if he needed any help unloading his groceries.

And he said no, even after I asked if he was sure. Then he told me to have a wonderful day.

The Lord is testing me

After that happened, I realized it was just a test. God was testing me to see if I was going to be willing to do something that scared me and was outside of my comfort zone for Him. And each time we do something hard for Jesus, our faith grows like a muscle that is being strengthened.

~ Southern Dreamer

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