Meet Eleanor

I hate to laugh but it's too funny.: Y’all can keep a secret right?

XD I HAD to add that meme – Once Upon A Time and Princess Bride, best of both worlds. Anyway.

This past December, my parents gave me a car (#bestparentsever). And like any over-excited teen, I had to post it on social media – so I did.

But, she does not exactly know that. So let’s pretend that I’ve not *cough* already shown her to the world XD With that said, here is my car’s “big” debut…

Tada! Introducing Eleanor, a black Kia. I chose the name Eleanor, partly because I liked the idea imagethat I could create multiple nicknames from it – Elle, Ella, Ellie, Nora, etc…Isn’t she adorable?

I LOVE having a car and being able to go do something without having to rely on my parent’s or their cars. Plus, it is a LOT easier to drive and park than my mom and dad’s cars which are bigger than mine šŸ˜›

image-1Several days ago, I drove it into town for the first time. It was so much fun! Here’s a picture of Eleanor and I from that. Apologies for the horrible picture-taking skills XD Selfies are not my best work.

~ Southern Dreamer


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