Journal Entry

I like to journal the classic way (I’m not really even sure what would be the other way of journaling?), in a diary. I’m really bad about actually writing in it regularly, but I do keep a list on my cellphone of things I need to write in my journal, so that when I do have the time, I’ll remember what I need to write.Image result for picture of a journal

I do think there’s a lot of value in regular journaling. Writing, in general, helps people to express and work through their emotions; and journaling can do that, as well as serve as a memorial of the past. Journals are a window to a certain period of time – what happened then? What was the world like? As historians know, diaries and journals can be very useful in learning about history and the events that actually occurred. And who knows, maybe someday ours will do the same thing!

At the end of this class, I’ll definitely keep this blog going, since I actually had it before this class began. Though, I will admit, having blog assignments due every week has made me write on my blog more frequently.

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