Magic in a Pangram

“Alison Jane!” came the loud voice, from a plump woman with a peacock-feathered hat perched on her head. But don’t let appearances fool you, this fifty-five-year-old was very skilled…in magic. Catharine Jones was one of the best enchantress’ around, and my teacher. Doubtfully, she had taken me on as her pupil – really, she had only obliged because of who my parents were. Earnest and Eveline Jane were known for discovering a lost forest of magical animals – thought to be extinct – and using their magical talent, had managed to increase the number despite their only being one of each. Fame and fortune had come with that, hence, why a well-known enchantress such as Catharine would come to teach me.

Glaring at me, she huffed and stated in a slightly shrill voice, “I told you, not to make the rat explode!” Helplessly, I bit my lip tightly and looked down – suddenly fascinated by my sparkly, silver flats. In truth, it had been an accident, though I wasn’t particularly horrified by it. Just thinking of rats, mice, and snakes gave me the shivers. Killing such a disgusting and rather creepy creature, was not the absolute worst thing.

“Let yourself feel the magic Alison,” instructed Catharine for what must have been the hundredth time. Mustering up all the magical senses I could, I desperately tried to do as she had said…but that is easier said than done.

Nervously, I looked around and saw my teacher collapse into a chair in defeat. Over the floor, hovered ten just-appeared gray and white kittens – meowing pitifully, but looking perfectly adorable. Positively thrilled at the cinnamon roll-like creatures, I could not help but smile at each one and carefully sat the kittens on the red and black rug.

Quirking an eyebrow up, Catharine heaved a heavy breathe. “Really? Kittens? What will your mother and father say…I’m supposed to be teaching you professional magic!” Slyly, I replied with, “Well, you know they are the most animal loving people there are. They did find all those magical creatures, after all.”

The bottom of her purple skirt bellowed out as she began pacing, then she groaned loudly when she saw what had trotted into the room. Utopia, my pet unicorn, came up to me in all of her brilliant white glory. Very elegant, she carefully nuzzled me with her head – making a contented noise when I stroked her coat.

“Why-why – ” stuttered Catharine, at a loss for what to say. Xerces…I thought, mind wondering – thinking of the handsome, young phoenix trainer.

“You are going to be the death of me,” she muttered sullenly, once more dropping into the massive velvet chair. Zipping out of the room, I did not wait for the rest of her speech.

Beauty and the Beast Analysis

Title: Beauty and the Beast

Author: Disney

Genre: Musical, romance

Audience: All ages



Belle: Belle is a young woman who has a love for reading. She enjoys delving into stories and exploring far-off lands with princes and princesses, through only her imagination. Belle has hazel eyes and brown hair; personality-wise, she is determined, smart, stubborn, introspective, and caring. Sadly, her mother is dead and she is an only child living with her quaint father.

Prince Adam/Beast: Adam is a boy-turned-beast. For ten years, he has been confined to a curse that he brought on himself – with only one way to escape…love. He is an emotional person, and used to doing whatever he wants – at least in the beginning. In his human form, he has blue eyes and dirty-blonde hair, while in his beast form, he is much larger and covered in fur.

Gaston: Gaston is what we would probably call the “it” guy of the town. He thinks very highly of himself and has an ego bigger than his brains, which, it seems he lacks much of anyway. He has black hair and is muscular, causing many of the town girls to swoon.

Maurice: Maurice is Belle’s father. He enjoys tinkering with different inventions and finding new ways to make things work. He believes in his daughter and encourages her in her dreams. He is short and has a little bit of white hair.

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Point of View

The narrator tells the story in a third-person point of view.



The setting is set in France. I’m not exactly sure what time period, but I would guess sometime during the 1700s or 1800s.


Plot Outline

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Beauty and the Beast is a story about a young woman, with a love for reading, who is looked on as unusual in her town. Her father, an aspiring inventor in France, leaves on a short trip, yet when he takes a wrong turn, Maurice ends up in a dark forest…and a castle. Naturally, Belle is worried when he does not return with the horse, and so, she goes after him. Arriving at the castle, she is horrified to see not only her father in a cell – but a gigantic…beast! Courageously, she offers to take her father’s place, in order to let him go free. The beast agrees, and so begins their relationship of mystery, struggle, and perhaps, love.



Conflicts in the story would be man vs. man (ex: when the Beast and Gaston fight, and the disagreements between Belle and the Beast) and man vs. himself (ex: the Beast learning to not be as selfish and love someone). I think, however, the main conflict would be man vs. man, since much of the story is about Belle and the Beast learning to interact civilly, and then affectionately, towards one another.



I think two themes of Beauty and the Beast would be one, to see beyond someone’s outer surface and to who they really are inside; secondly, love is sacrifice (Belle taking her father’s place, the Beast saving her from the wolves and letting Belle go).


Literary Devices

Literary devices used in the story include personification – the animated household objects, metaphor – the prince being turned into a Beast, reflected his selfishness inside, and the characterization – how both the Belle and Beast’s viewpoints of each other changes from the beginning to the end.



I love this story. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite stories in all of literature, as well as Belle being one of my favorite female characters (yay for reading!). I think there are so many layers to this story, if you even think about it more in-depth. There is looking beyond the outer surface – loving someone not for their physical beauty, but for their spirit, mind, and character; the sacrifice that love requires – the Beast letting Belle go, even though he might not ever see her again, and how our actions affect those around us – the curse affected not only the Beast, but all of his servants as well. I think it is a beautiful picture of a redemption tale, as well as, a stunning love story. I would rate this as 5 stars.

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