Undercover Boss

The lights flash overhead – flash flash flash.

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The crimson curtains fall in perfect line across the stage – swish swish swish.

Center Stage Design Challenge

In the crowd, dozens upon dozens of angels stand transfixed – gaze adoringly focused on their Lord. No sound is made, and yet there is an uncanny sense of destiny and heroism about to be embarked upon. The foreboding aura of – wait. A breeze shifts through the auditorium, whispering to the congregation.

Watch. Listen. Believe. 

Another murmur.

See my Son, unblemished and without fault. He now goes to the world below. Our creation, that became riddled with sin and darkness. So lost and desperate for anything real, blinded by their own brokenness. He will become in likeness with them, transforming to be both God and man, trading the riches of His throne, for the dust of the Earth. 

Eyes were wide in the crowd, silence filling the room.

Through Him, the canyon of sin – the gap that separates our creation from us, will finally be bridged. By His sacrifice, they will have a way to come home. Now, let it begin.

Lightening scintillated in shards of electric light, and the clock of eternity ticked on.

Tick. Tick. Tick. 


The stage is set; the prologue has been written. What will happen?

In nervous anticipation, the heavenly audience watches from above. There is the birth – raw and painful, yet filled with so much beauty and relief. He’s here! God, in the flesh! The trembling hand of a father, strokes the babe’s cheek – held in his mother’s arm. How is this real?

Oh, but it is real. Very real.

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The child, Jesus, grows up. People do not know who he is, not really. They say that he is such a wise young boy, always obeying his parents. The years fast-forward and adulthood has come.

Miracles are performed and lives are saved.

The instrumental music’s tempo dramatically increases. Oh! Oh! Now-now there is pain and betrayal – blood seeps His skin, inch deep wounds scar His body, and agony covers the atmosphere in a dark display of thunder and rain.

The audience holds their breath, watching anxiously to see what will happen next.

There is a stone, a grave. Three days. Seventy-two hours. And, then!


He lives.


Jesus was the ultimate “Undercover Boss.” If you have never watched the show, the premise of Undercover Boss is the CEO of a business disguises themselves and works several different jobs that are part of their company. They meet different people, those who are struggling and need help. These individuals show them how to work their specific skill, and so the show goes on.

No one knows that this person is the boss. Not, that is, until the very end. During the last portion of the hour, the CEO – now looking like themselves, meets with each of his or her employees that they worked with.

The employees are naturally shocked, surprised! They had no idea!

But the best part is yet to come. Finally, the boss leans forward – grinning, he references their struggles in life, and what they had gone through. “I want to do something,” he says, “I’m giving you a check for $20,000 dollars.”

Instantly, the recipient is in tears – wondering if this is real. Could all of their anxieties really be over? Did someone actually notice them? All they can do is thank the CEO over and over again.

This is what the Holy Spirit revealed to me.

I was sitting in the bed one night, condemning myself for not reading my Bible enough or feeling like just worshipping God was “enough.” Dratted perfectionism y’all!

Anyway, Undercover Boss was on the TV and the Holy Spirit suddenly told me that’s me. I came to Earth and I am your undercover boss. This person offered financial help to these people, they did not expect it and yet, they accept it. Why then, do you continue to try to prove yourself to me, when I have canceled all of your debt. You are debt free. 


Basically my brain xD

So yeah, the CEO gave them thousands of dollars, sent them on vacations, helped them out of whatever problems life had thrown their way. And Jesus? Oh boy, here comes the surprise! Can you feel the tension? The big reveal is here!


A hush feels the room. Then…

I am offering you a clean slate. Freedom through me. You will have no more sin debt, I have already paid the price for it. I want you to become my heir – royalty. Everything I have is yours: my righteousness for your robe, my divinity for your soul, my love for your spirit. All I ask is that you trust me with your heart, and all this shall be gifted to you. 

There has to be something more, right? It-it can’t be that easy! That simple? Crazy! No one just offers everything to a stranger. No one could possibly want to give someone like me this!

Your flaws and failures do not frighten me away. I see your greatest potential, the best version of yourself. The natural state of your humanity is nothing compared to the magnitude of my love, with which even the darkest of souls can be saved if they only believe. 

But, me?

I have chosen you. You are my chosen one, my treasure.

The question is…

Will you trust me?

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~ Southern Dreamer

*Scripture references: 1 Peter 2:9, Romans 8:17, 2 Peter 1:4, John 15:16, 1 Corinthians 2:16, Isaiah 61:10, 1 John 4:19, Exodus 19:5

Sandbox ~ Creative Writing Awards


Best Drama/Dramatic Moment

Best Supporting Male Character – Anthony

Best Quote (“Welcome back to my glamorous life as a New York City dancing sensation”)


Best Historical Fiction

Best Supporting Female Character – Lucille

Best Opening Line (“Too ripe. Too soft. Too hard. It’s near impossible to find some simple, organic food nowadays and we’re in 1933 too! You’d think we’d at least know how to grow fruit by now,” complained the middle aged woman to the buck teeth brunette twirling impatiently in the Market”)


Best Mystery-Sherlock Holmes


Best Description/Sentence (“As I round the corner the wind catches my hair and my heart trips, for stretched before me is such elaborate magnificence. I cannot take it all in. It’s too much. Much too big”)

Grace Anne:

Best Fantasy

The Sandbox

For my creative writing class, we had to write the next chapter of one of our classmate’s books. I decided to do Gianna’s (check out her blog here!). I hope I did her wonderful story justice 🙂

Dear Dancers Diary,

NYC has been so much fun! I could have never imagined all of the new and exciting things I would get to do! They don’t call it the city that never sleeps for nothing, haha. All of my friends here have been really cool, they’ve taught me a ton! I guess I was pretty sheltered before.

I went home this weekend, which I was pretty nervous about. Even though I know my family means the best, they just don’t understand that this is the new and better me. I’m healthier and actually experiencing some exciting things in my life. Although, in all honesty, those green shakes that my friend keeps giving me, taste disgusting. But, it’s important that I’m in the best shape possible as a dancer, so I’ll push through it.

Anyway, when I did get home, like most mother’s, my mom was…way overly excited and freaked out. Apparently, I’m losing ‘too much weight’ and am ‘dangerously thin.’ She watched me all day, making sure I ate something at every meal. I’m really going to have to make up for it when I get back – if not before. I can’t take any chances with this.

As my mom got on her rant, my dad boarded that ship as well. You can imagine my frustration diary! They’re supposed to be happy for me – I’m finally reaching my full potential! And when I tried to explain that I was full, she just gave me the look. I may have had a yelling match with them, they just don’t understand.

Sunday came around and I winced, remembering that I was going to have to go to church today. Not that I dislike church, or anything like that, but really, so early in the morning? Nevertheless, I pulled on one of my fancy dresses that I haven’t worn in weeks. It had always been one of my favorites, so I was pretty excited to try it on. For some reason, it doesn’t fit me anymore. Even though I was sad about not being able to wear it anymore (well, after today), I’m pumped that I’m losing weight!

Going to the service and seeing all of my old friends, I felt kind of like an oddball out. Everyone kept sending me concerned looks. Am I still not pretty enough? Or good enough? I would have thought they would be at least semi-happy for me, but no.

God and I haven’t been on the best of terms lately, but I’ve been really busy and under a ton of stress, so I feel like He understands. The pastor began his sermon, and sheesh, can’t a girl catch a break? I swear he was looking at me the entire time. It was the longest hour of my entire life as this awful feeling kept rising up in me, going on about how I should not be hanging with my new friends and how I need to spend time with God more. Yeah, I ended up leaving early. Everyone’s always going on about how God is all love, so I really don’t think that He would put that kind of guilt on me – especially when He knows the pressure I’m already under.

I left a note for my family and quickly left to go back to NYC, where I belong.