Confessions of a New College Student

I’ve now been at college for about two months, give or take a few days. With everything I have been learning, there are a couple of conclusions I have drawn about college students in general and obviously, myself. 1. You will live at coffee shops Ok, well. Maybe not┬áliterally,┬ábut basically – yeah. You might as…… Continue reading Confessions of a New College Student

Faithful Butterflies

Yesterday, I was walking back to my dorm. My backpack filled with binders and school supplies bounced against my spine, straps secured over my shoulders. The summer heat and classic southern humidity filled the atmosphere, making me hurry towards the air-conditioned building: Ridgecrest South. It loomed in the near distance – students exiting and entering…… Continue reading Faithful Butterflies

What I Learned My First Week of College

Ok. Not going to lie – writing the title of this post was weird. Me? In college? Yeah, it’s kind of crazy. Really insane in an odd way. Every freshman (yep, that happened) I’ve talked to agrees that this feels like summer camp. Almost as if we are all going to wake up one day…… Continue reading What I Learned My First Week of College