Family Lake Trip

Last week, my family and I drove up to North Carolina. We were meeting my dad’s side of the family at a lake house in the Appalachian Mountains for a¬†get-together-vacation. The scenery was stunning! Even though I’ve grown up living in a mountainous area, these mountains were far grander! The size and magnitude of it…… Continue reading Family Lake Trip

So Not Happening: Book Review

So Not Happening by Jenny B. Jones is a humor-filled story that is a melting pot of God, faith, and city-girl meets countryside living. Bella Kirkwood had everything that the world offers: New York City was her home, Broadway only a step away, and an A-list line of friends with her plastic surgeon father’s credit…… Continue reading So Not Happening: Book Review

To Read, To Memorize

People always wonder how to hear the Holy Spirit – to discern what is their own thought and what is God speaking to them. Obviously there is not an exact “take-home” formula for this, but there is at least one area where God has and can surely use to speak to His children: Scripture. God…… Continue reading To Read, To Memorize

Love Letter

As I was looking through Pinterest one day, I saw the above quote. And it suddenly struck me on how true that is. Being both a romantic and an avid reader, it is not uncommon for the thought to cross my mind oh I wish this character were real or I wonder what happens next.…… Continue reading Love Letter

The History of the Candy Cane

With Christmas in only two days (how crazy is that?), I thought that it would be appropriate to do a Christmas post. And because I love history, I decided that learning about the origins of the candy cane would suffice perfectly. During the seventeenth century, Christians in Europe began to make use of Christmas trees…… Continue reading The History of the Candy Cane


Trust. That one word that can ignite so many different emotions in people: fear – can I really unveil my heart to someone without it being stomped on?, anger – betrayal by one previously held in your confidence, and for maybe, a few, excitement. Nevertheless, trust has a different meaning in all of our souls.…… Continue reading Trust

Romantically Inclined

As I sat reading through a romantic book one warm, summer day, I began to wonder…what is it about these stories that causes us to love them so? It could not be the plot…for a plot in itself does not serve to penetrate your soul. Though characters quickly become memorable, they could not be the…… Continue reading Romantically Inclined


Do you ever feel at times like just running and curling up in Jesus’ lap and never leaving? I know I have. These past few weeks, specifically, have me feeling plain exhausted – emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. And being at such a state of weariness can take a toll on your outlook on life;…… Continue reading Rest…