Revenge of the Sith ~ Part 3

Disclaimer: All Star Wars characters/worlds/etc belong to LucasFilm, but the plot and events are mine, so pretty please don’t steal and give credit if you use any ideas 🙂 See Part 1 here and Part 2 here. Palpatine started to chortle, hysterical laughter exploding from him – wave after wave. The old man could barely…… Continue reading Revenge of the Sith ~ Part 3

Star Wars Stand-Alone Films

I saw an article a few days ago about which Star Wars characters should get stand-alone films, and so I thought I’d add my own tidbit on that 🙂 In no specific order, here are some characters that I think should get stand-alone films: 1. Obi-Wan And the stand-alone film that practically the entire fandom wants…one…… Continue reading Star Wars Stand-Alone Films