Once Upon A Time Season 6 Finale


Where do I even start?

There is literally so much to discuss and my brain is kind of exploding right now with #ONCERFEELS, so, I’m going to try and break down my review and thoughts on the finale.


Alright, with that out of the way, first things first.

  1. The Black Fairy

Seriously. Y’all. I cannot even EXPLAIN how much I despise and hate her. Watching her psychologically play Emma like a chess piece was just *screeches* absolutely horrible.

Kudos to the writers for coming up with such a terrible villain, but sheesh! I have a particular loathing for characters who twist others emotionally and psychologically (Palpatine aka Darth Sidious being another example).

My poor family had to endure me *ahem* yelling *ahem* at the TV XD

Seriously though, the Black Fairy is just wow…really hate her.

2. The Black Fairy’s Curse

I really had no idea what this would look like, but honestly, I was not expecting for the townspeople to be affected in such a way!

AND BELLE. Y’all. Apologies if I rant, but…SHE DESERVES EVERYTHING GOOD IN THIS WORLD AND THE BLACK FAIRY IS A HORRIBLE MONSTER *cough* Anyway. I’ll leave you with that thought on what she did to Belle.

Brilliant move on the writers part, to have Emma’s belief be the key to winning the battle. So many battles we fight in our day-to-day lives are not against actual dragons or villains, but battling our own struggles, anxiety, whatever it may be. I thought it was appropriate, on a show centered around belief, that the secret to winning the final battle was in not losing faith.

Crazy how not believing can cause such horrible consequences – not believing in yourself, not believing that it can be overcome, not believing that you can get through it; but when you do believe, even a little, it can have dramatic, wonderful conclusion. That reminds me of when Jesus speaks about the mustard seed. How if you have faith even as small as a mustard seed (which is TINY), you can move mountains.

3. Son-in-law Hook

Some of the funniest lines came from the Hook-David and Hook-Snow interactions in this episode XD LOVED IT SO MUCH. Especially this one:


Snow’s reaction XD PRICELESS.

I also adored Hook’s impassioned speech about Emma, when he and David were by the beanstalk. It was extremely sweet and showed how dedicated he is to her – if it wasn’t already apparent. To all my Oncer readers, did anyone one else squeal happily when Hook kept referring to Emma as his wife??? ❤

Captain Swan FOREVER.

4. Gideon

This line though…”I was hoping you could save both of us.”


Poor Gideon. He couldn’t even control his own actions (LOOKING AT YOU BLACK FAIRY), and was forced to do something he did not want to do. When he said that statement, I was just like ahhh small children getting caught up in a fight that is not theirs! (yes, I know in this instance he was an adult. that is beside the point) XD

5. Snowing, Rumbelle, basically all the characters and my ships

Snow waking Charming with a kiss…NEVER GETS OLD! Classic Once Upon A Time and I love it. I don’t think I could get tired of that scene even if I tried.


Loved how Hook was so unconcerned, “She always finds him.” XD Truth though.

Gideon turning back into a baby = happiness. Belle above all deserves to have a happy life. She is the most forgiving, selfless, optimistic person ever and I was so thrilled that she got her happy ending and Rumple FINALLY decided to make the right decision.

Pretty, pretty please writers. Do not make Rumple betray her in Season 7. OR I WILL LOSE MY EVER-LIVING MIND *cough* #Belledeservesbetter

The image of Hook being a sheriff though is literally so hilarious to me XD I can’t really see him in that profession…Admittedly, it would make for some very humorous scenes.

The scene with them at Granny’s was SO PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL. Finally, this messed up family came together. All of them. Snow and Charming Emma and Hook. Belle and Rumple. Regina, Zelena, Henry. The babies.

I can’t say that without referencing this though XD

[2x14] Throwback with this scene because it's Thanksgiving Hope you all ate a lot and had a great day! :

6. Season 7

Ok, so I know a lot of people are saying that aren’t going to watch season 7. I understand, but c’mon y’all! Give it a chance. At least watch the first few episodes before you judge it. Who knows, it could be really amazing! There is also this, which gives me hope that we have not seen the last of Snow, Charming, Belle, Zelena, and Emma!


I loveeee the actor they got to play older Henry *cough* which has absolutely nothing to do with his looks XD And the little girl is super adorable!

I’m curious why he is in Seattle though, since that is on the opposite coast and really far from Storybrooke. I don’t mind them doing some of the same things in terms of similarities to Emma, however, I hope it won’t be exactly like it.

Our Once Upon A Time characters have gone through losing their memory too many times lol, so I hope that it at least won’t start out with Henry not remembering something. Even though, I know it’s likely that’s what they’ll do.


Some people are speculating that Lucy’s mother is Moana, which honestly could be really cool and a nice tie in. Speaking of Lucy, I love that they added that reference to Narnia. The wardrobe that Emma was put in was also a reference to the C.S. Lewis stories, and I adore the fact that they named her Lucy. Since in the Narnia books, Lucy was always the one who believed in Aslan and Narnia the strongest, and seeing how this is a show about belief, I thought that was very appropriate.

It’ll be interesting to see how they’ll incorporate Neal, Robyn, and Gideon into the story. I hope they’ll include them! I think it would be really cute to have this little band of kids, children of fairytale characters, come together and fight against whatever it is.

I don’t know how I’m going to survive the hiatus!

What are y’all’s thoughts on the season finale? Do you have any theories for what season seven could be about? Let me know in the comments below!

~ Southern Dreamer


Once Upon A Time Season Finale


What the heck.

I have just finished watching the season five finale of Once Upon A Time – or OUAT for short. Totally was not expecting that. At all.

All I can advise for OUAT fans who have yet to watch it, is brace yourself. Also, you may want to warn your family that you are watching the finale and screaming, talking to the TV, and other noises are all very fair game.

**Warning: Spoilers Ahead**

Where do I even start? So much happens in the finale that it’s basically a whirlwind of scenes and emotions.

Dark Hook has brought all of the past Dark ones into Storybrooke through a portal that goes to the Underworld.

As you watch, the Dark ones go and touch all of our beloved characters: Regina, Robin, Mary Margaret, David, Henry, etc…Well, they touch almost all of them. Emma, her brother, Robin’s children are left untouched.


A symbol is left on their wrist. It indicates that when the moon reaches a certain point, they will be taken to the Underworld. The Dark ones will be left in their place.

Even though the situation looks hopeless, Emma is determined to save her family any way possible…even if it means she gets destroyed in the process. After all, the only way to eliminate the darkness forever is to place it all into one vessel and have that vessel killed.

Mary Margaret, David, Henry, and Neal decide to go to Granny’s Diner. Spend their last moments as a family together. Emma promises her mother she will come, but first she has to try and fix this.

Fast forward.

It is now time. Emma was unable to save her family. They are all taken and surrounded by Dark Hook and his fellow Dark Ones.

As a last resort, Regina faces Hook. She tells him to drop the act and says that he has to decide, “What kind of man are you going to be?”

I love that line. What kind of person are you and myself going to be? Are we going to give into sin and our struggles? Let the whispers of temptation fill our ears with falsely wrapped words? We all have a choice to make each day on what kind of girl, woman – boy, man, we will be.

You can see the clear battle raging in Hook’s mind as Nimue cuts off a great deal of Emma’s air supply from her final attempt to protect her loved ones. Flashbacks insure before Hook makes his decision on what kind of man he will be.

Hook takes Excalibur and draws all of the darkness from the past Dark Ones into its blade. There is only one way to fix everything that he has done: destroy the darkness once and for all…and with it, himself.

At this point, he holds out the sword to Emma – asking her to strike him down. Tears fill her eyes, and she shakes her head adamantly, not wanting to lose him.

But his words that finally convince her come shakily, “Let me die a hero. That’s the man I want you to remember.” They share a kiss and whisper “I love you” before Emma reluctantly and tearfully shoves Excalibur into her love.



This scene has so many emotions and heart-wrenching lines it should have a disclaimer: warning, hyperventilating and heart crushing scenes occur, watch at your own risk.

As Hook dies in Emma’s arms, she transforms back into herself – no longer a Dark One. Tears fall down her face as she pulls the sword from Hook only for it to disintegrate.


When the sheet is covered over Hook’s face and they wheel his body away, Emma tearfully leans against her parents – face portraying the agony that she is going through.


Later, we watch as Belle returns and shares a passionate kiss with Rumple. She tells him she loves him.

Some time after this, Emma texts Rumple to meet her in his shop. He does. And the most shocking revelation is revealed. Rumple has the real dagger. The dagger that now has the power of all the Dark Ones from all time. He was the true Dark One all along.


Shocked does not even begin to describe myself at this point. Rumple frustrates me indefinitely. So many times I and I’m sure others, have thought he was turning good. And the odd thing is, I want Rumple to be good. Then, of course, my thoughts turned to Belle. That poor woman has suffered more emotional scarring from him than should ever be acceptable. It truly is sickening how much Rumple not only manipulates those around him but especially her.

Emma, naturally, is horrified. This means that Hook’s sacrifice of death was in vain. For now, Rumple has the power of all the Dark Ones from all time combined.

Not one to give up, Emma tells Rumple he owes her. She could easily tell Belle about him before he could kill her. With that in mind, Rumple accepts her request: she has decided to go to the Underworld and get Hook. Just like her parents share a heart, Emma decides that she and her love will too.


The finale ends with the scene of the portal to the Underworld opening and our heroes embarking through it.

Again, it seems, that our fairytale characters are stacked against unimaginable odds. I can’t wait for March when the next season starts!

Do any of y’all watch Once Upon A Time? What were your thoughts about the season finale? Let me know in the comments!

~ Southern Dreamer