Forever Strong

forever strong

Forever Strong.

Today, while eating lunch with my brother and mom, I watched a new movie – Forever Strong. And WOW. The people who made this sports movie seriously did an outstanding job! The storyline was great and engaging, and this is coming from someone who is really not into sports that much.

*Warning – Spoilers Ahead*

I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. This is a rugby movie and it follows the life of a young man who has become quite arrogant and lost. He is fixing to get a reality check. The fact that this young man’s father has tried to make his (the dad’s) dreams come true through his son, doesn’t help the situation, nor all the pressure put upon him.

When he lands in juvenile for drunk driving and causing one of his passengers to get hurt, it is the start of the change although it takes a while for this man to be willing to truly listen to anyone.

At a point in the movie, this young man is still in juvenile, however, they allow him to go and start playing rugby with the Highlanders. This rugby team is very different from his fathers – the Razorbacks – rugby team. Character, integrity, being true to your friends and yourself, and doing nothing that would not make your parents, family, or team proud are all important elements and things to this team. This is the start of his change.

I won’t ruin anymore of the movie for y’all, but I strongly suggest y’all go out and rent or buy it!

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below about my blog so far! Any suggestions or what you liked/didn’t like would be great!

– Southern Dreamer

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