VBS – Vacation Bible School

agency d3#1

Last week, starting on Monday morning, I helped with VBS – which stands for Vacation Bible School. Agency D3 was the theme for this year, and the symbol D3 stood for the words DISCOVER, DECIDE, DEFEND. It was all about discovering your faith, deciding what to do with your faith, and then lastly, defending your faith. I think this is such an important skill for all believers to learn, and so I thought it was great that they were starting out doing this with such a young age group!

The group I aided in teaching and taking care of were the four year olds. They were adorable! We had ten children the first day, eleven the next, and by day four we had twelve!

It was so cute to see their responses when we would ask them questions! Not all of them, but most of them, whenever we would ask a question over the Bible story we had just read to them, would just shout, “Jesus! Jesus!” 🙂

The volunteers/teachers had to be at the church by 8:45am and then VBS would start at 9am. First all the age groups would be together, and we would sing about 2 songs. After that everyone went back to their individual rooms. From then on everyone’s schedules were different.

I really enjoyed helping with the little ones and VBS this week! I think I’ll definitely help again next year! 🙂

– Southern Dreamer

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