Star Wars: Theories on Rey

As I mentioned in my previous post (the review on The Force Awakens), Rey is one of my new favorite characters. And therefore, I am terribly curious as to where she originates from.

With that said, I am going to list several theories (all credit for coming up with them/putting them together goes to Deborah Teh) about her.

  1. She is a Skywalker.

Or in other words, Luke’s daughter. I know you’re probably thinking but Luke’s a Jedi and Jedi aren’t supposed to marry. Well, we all know that went out the window with Anakin and because Luke did not have the most conventional form of Jedi training (swamp anyone?), he very well could have had a love affair or married.

But then how did Rey come to be on Jakku? After all, Luke knows all too well how boring it is to be on a dry desert planet. However, if we recall what happened when Ben Solo – or Kylo Ren, turned to the Dark Side, it might make a bit more sense.

Kylo went and basically killed all of Luke’s padawans. Let’s say that for some reason he either spared Rey (his cousin if you go with this theory) or she was not there. After such a horrifying event, Luke likely felt that he had to protect his daughter from Ben/Kylo. And now enters the desolate-ish planet of Jakku.

Of course, the issue also must be addressed on why Rey would not know that Luke was her father. For one, for all we know, she could have been extremely young when left. If not however, it would not be too far-fetched to say that Luke used the Force to remove some of her memories.

This theory makes the most sense to me given how strong Rey’s natural force ability is. Additionally, if you consider how well she could fix things and flew a ship with having very little previous experience it only makes sense that she is a Skywalker with both her dad and grandfather being strong in the force and the later having exceptional skills in driving space vehicles (The Phantom Menace anyone?). Also, why else would the lightsaber that had previously belonged to Anakin then Luke go to her when she called it instead of Kylo Ren who is supposedly more well trained?


2. She is a Solo.

By this of course, I mean the daughter of Han and Leia. Although they do not speak of another child besides Ben, there is no reason to assume that they did not have another one.

Another reason that supports that she might be related to the Solos, is that both her and Kylo Ren have a fairly similar appearance (dark hair and eyes).

But how did she get to Jakku? Well, there are really only two options for that. The first is that when Kylo killed all of the other padawans, he was unable to kill his little sister because of emotional attachment. Despite the fact of him turning to the Dark Side, he did not want Snoke (or his family for that matter) to find her. Therefore, he wiped her memory using the force and left her on Jakku.

The other option would be similar to the one I mentioned if she were a Skywalker. Leia and Luke took her to Jakku in order to keep her safe from Kylo Ren and used the force to wipe her memory. This could also explain why the Millennium Falcon would be on Jakku in the first place. Perhaps they knew that someday she would come back.

Back to her being a Solo though. If this theory is true, it would give more of an explanation for why Han Solo offered her a job right off the bat and Chewie taking a liking to her so quickly.


3. She is a Kenobi

I know you’re probably thinking but Obi-Wan never fell in love and he was way too old to be her father. Well, clearly as everyone saw with Anakin, he might have had a love interest (And in the Clone Wars he supposedly did with Duchess Satine). For this to work, however, he would have to be her grandfather.

Adding on, both Daisy Ridley who plays Rey and Alec Guinness who played Obi-Wan Kenobi each have British accents. Coincidence or not? And in the flashback, you can hear the voices of Alec and Ewan McGregor (who both played Obi-Wan) telling Rey to take her first steps.


4. She is a Naberrie.

Could Rey be related to Padme’s family? In a deleted scene from Attack of the Clones, Padme’s sister is shown with children. Perhaps she is the offspring of one of them?

Although this theory has a few holes in it, such has how would she have come to Jakku?

There is also the fact that Daisy Ridley and Natalie Portman look very similar. And her hairstyle. I wonder if it is a nod to her past family?


5. She is not related to anyone.

And of course the last one would be that she is not related to anyone. She has her own family and her parents probably died leaving her alone. But then, of course, that does not really explain the flashbacks she had.

Personally, the first three theories make the most sense and out of those I’m hoping number one will turn out to be true. What about y’all? Do you have any other theories about where Rey comes from? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you to Deborah for letting me use her work/ideas/pictures! 🙂 I would never have gotten this much information otherwise XD

~ Southern Dreamer


  1. Thanks Lanie! That’s a super cool post. I love reading blog posts on Star Wars. you should post more ;P

    But I think Rey got her flying skills from practice. She has a flight simulator in her home, that’s how she learned how to fly.

  2. The first one I’m rather eh about. I don’t think it’s likely because that’s the most obvious thing that everyone’s expecting. But then, the theory does have very few holes.
    The second one is the one I’m really hoping is the right one. I agree that it has a good number of holes, but to me it’s the most likely. Although I think it might’ve been Luke who left his niece on Jakku, instead of her parents.
    The third one is definitely one to think about, and I agree, there are many parallels between Rey and Obi-Wan, but the Kenobi lineage was never really important in any of the movies, and I don’t think it will be here. This theory leaves a lot more questions to be answered than the first two, and there’ll have to be a lot of awkward explaining about how it all happened.
    The fourth one I’ve never really thought about, but it is interesting to think about. Although I’m pretty sure that if Rey is either Luke or Leia’s daughter, she would have inherited some of her grandmother’s features. (And now that I look at them next to each other, there are a lot of resemblances. 0_o)
    The fifth one is very likely, but then, one of the core themes of Star Wars is family, and I don’t think the writers would do away with that and make Rey be someone random
    I could just go on and on about this. XD But thanks for this great post! It’s great to see all the options in one place. =) And it’ll be interesting when Episode VIII comes out and (hopefully) answers the question and we come back to all the archives of youtube and the rest of the internet see if anyone’s theories were correct. XD

    1. I’m also hoping it’s the second one. Leia is a Skywalker so Rey could still be related to the Skywalkers even if her last name is Solo

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