God’s Providence

Sometimes I think we take for granted how much God protects us. All the times when He has spared our life because it was not yet our time.

I was reminded of this especially over Christmas break.

My mom and my brother were in the car, driving home. It was raining extremely hard when suddenly a car from the left lane turned right in front of them. It rammed into the front of our van which had been going about forty miles per hour. By God’s grace, my mom was able to turn the car so that they did not hit the electrical pole in front of them or roll down the steep hill to their right.

There were basically no cars on that road besides ours and theirs. If there had been, I am almost certain someone would have died.

The axel on our car was broken and the front wheels turned in odd directions while the engine of the car literally touched the ground. The door on the driver’s side would not open.

Their airbags did not go off. And get this. They sustained no injuries.

As if that was not amazing enough, the people in the other car came out uninjured as well even if their car did not.

So many variables in that should have equaled their deaths: it was raining very hard, their airbags did not go off, and the axel was broken completely. Yet…God in His power had arranged for there to be no other cars on the road and had supernaturally protected them when at the very least they should have sustained injuries.

I don’t know how you can look at that and say that there is not a God watching over us. I, for one, am incredibly thankful for His protection.

Note: I understand that some people have had loved ones die in car accidents. That is a terribly tragic situation and I am not trying to undermine it. It does not mean that God loves my family members more since they did not die. It only means that it was not their time to go and be with Him.

~ Southern Dreamer

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