Behind These Icy Walls ~ A Narrative Poem

Little girl, she does not know of the gift she has been given.

Something no one understands, a mystery to be hidden.

Different from the start, with her blonde locks and blue eyes,

The magic that flows through her veins, what she will come to despise.

Little girl, she laughs and plays with a brightly lit smile.

Her younger sibling, as she knows, is completely worthwhile.

Stars twinkle outside the castle, casting their glittering light.

The moon watches from above at what will soon be a terrible plight.

Little girl, her hands shake in terror and fear.

How did this happen? To be so severe?

She stares in a numb pain, at her unconscious, injured sister.

Why did she have to have this horrible, awful…this power?


Little girl, she is isolated in a room all alone.

Her heart hurts and the future now seems very unknown.

Years pass and the truth finally comes out.

The people look at her in disdain and holler razor sharp shouts.

Little girl, she backs away – fear soaring high.

She does not want to hurt anyone…or cause a person to die.

Magenta fabric whips wildly behind her slender form.

And with each step on the lake, an icy trail appears like a storm.

Little girl, she runs away – never looking back.

Once more alone, she is now her own pack.

No longer where harm can come to those she loves,

She looks at her hands, and takes off the gloves.

Little girl, a timid smile crosses her face.

Intricate details of ice and snow, she creates in this wondrous place.

Cold, frozen beauty rises up in the sky.

A palace made of ice, oh so high.

10 simply Amazing pictures of snowflakes:

Oh little girl, destiny you cannot escape.

You will have to face challenges, much more difficult than releasing your cape.

You will be made to return in a manner unfit for a queen.

Dragged back unconscious and treated like you could have never foreseen.

Your hands will be cuffed – the chain bolted to the ground.

A cold cell for a room – unbefitting for the crowned.

Despair will rage through you, yet you will not give up.

Using your remaining strength to free yourself in a magical buildup.

Yet this is not the end.

For several more trials must transcend.

A sword will be drawn – its silver edge glinting daringly.

The metal will be raised with a declare so cocky.


Your soul wearied down from years of isolation.

Causes you to wait in defeat for this terrible resolution.

But something else transpires.

The sword breaks in half, ending that evil man’s desires.

Not all is well, as the next few seconds tell.

Your rescuer of a sister, now but an icy shell.

When everything is thought, to be utterly lost.

A miracle occurs – beginning with the frost.

Your sister’s statue of ice, has begun to melt.

She is alive once more and your arms surround her in an embrace most heartfelt.

Little girl, given a burden of such magnitude.

She has started to extrude,

And show that behind these icy walls, there is to be viewed,

Elsa of Arendelle, who exhibits a queen’s rectitude.


Note: The collage at the top was made by me. All other pictures come from Pinterest.



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