Magic in a Pangram

“Alison Jane!” came the loud voice, from a plump woman with a peacock-feathered hat perched on her head. But don’t let appearances fool you, this fifty-five-year-old was very skilled…in magic. Catharine Jones was one of the best enchantress’ around, and my teacher. Doubtfully, she had taken me on as her pupil – really, she had only obliged because of who my parents were. Earnest and Eveline Jane were known for discovering a lost forest of magical animals – thought to be extinct – and using their magical talent, had managed to increase the number despite their only being one of each. Fame and fortune had come with that, hence, why a well-known enchantress such as Catharine would come to teach me.

Glaring at me, she huffed and stated in a slightly shrill voice, “I told you, not to make the rat explode!” Helplessly, I bit my lip tightly and looked down – suddenly fascinated by my sparkly, silver flats. In truth, it had been an accident, though I wasn’t particularly horrified by it. Just thinking of rats, mice, and snakes gave me the shivers. Killing such a disgusting and rather creepy creature, was not the absolute worst thing.

“Let yourself feel the magic Alison,” instructed Catharine for what must have been the hundredth time. Mustering up all the magical senses I could, I desperately tried to do as she had said…but that is easier said than done.

Nervously, I looked around and saw my teacher collapse into a chair in defeat. Over the floor, hovered ten just-appeared gray and white kittens – meowing pitifully, but looking perfectly adorable. Positively thrilled at the cinnamon roll-like creatures, I could not help but smile at each one and carefully sat the kittens on the red and black rug.

Quirking an eyebrow up, Catharine heaved a heavy breathe. “Really? Kittens? What will your mother and father say…I’m supposed to be teaching you professional magic!” Slyly, I replied with, “Well, you know they are the most animal loving people there are. They did find all those magical creatures, after all.”

The bottom of her purple skirt bellowed out as she began pacing, then she groaned loudly when she saw what had trotted into the room. Utopia, my pet unicorn, came up to me in all of her brilliant white glory. Very elegant, she carefully nuzzled me with her head – making a contented noise when I stroked her coat.

“Why-why – ” stuttered Catharine, at a loss for what to say. Xerces…I thought, mind wondering – thinking of the handsome, young phoenix trainer.

“You are going to be the death of me,” she muttered sullenly, once more dropping into the massive velvet chair. Zipping out of the room, I did not wait for the rest of her speech.


      1. No problem! My friend Grace Anne recommended this story lol, we have a mutual hatred of rats and this was just what I needed!

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