Color Clash

color wheel

I’m sure we’ve all been in that position where you’re holding up a shirt in one hand and a pair of pants or some type of bottom in the other, and thought I have no idea if this matches or not.

Well, never fear! I am hopefully going to provide an enlightening amount of information on how to match different colors in your clothing.

1. Black + Navy

Black and navy. Two wonderful colors, but two colors that should never, ever be worn at the same time. The problem with trying to wear black and navy all in the same outfit is the simple fact that they are much too close in hues to blend well. If you’re going to wear black or navy, go for it! But remember to only wear one or the other – not both.

And that brings me up to my next point…

2. Cream + White

Cream and white have the same problem as black and navy. They are simply too close to being the same color – yet are not. And this causes them to clash whenever they are worn together. I’m going to echo what I said above: if you’re going to wear cream or white, do it! But keep in mind, that you should only wear one or the other – not both.

3. Neutrals: Everyone’s Friend

Neutrals are the all-around flexible colors that you will quickly learn to love. Black and white are the most versatile with both being at either end of the spectrum. As long as you keep in mind that navy + black and cream + white are not smart fashion choices, any other color is fair game to pair these two neutrals with! The next colors that round out our neutral discussion are gray and brown. Depending on what hue you find, gray and brown should match with almost anything. There are always exceptions with the latter two, however, so try to use your best fashion judgment.

4. Matching Colors

Now that I’ve gone through what colors not to wear together, it’s time to dive into some fun, stylish combinations! Two colors I love pairing together are black and silver. They’re both classy, eye-catching, and easy to find with each falling into the category of neutrals. If bright hues are more your style, that’s great! Green skinny jeans paired with the popular fringed ankle boot (latte colored brown!) along with a gold and cream top can look stunning. Add in a pair of gold loops and matching bangles, and you’re good to go! There are so many more color combinations I could go through like navy and crimson or orange and brown, but hopefully this has given y’all a good start to learning how to mix and match different colors.

I hope this article helped you somewhat in learning how to match up different pieces of clothing!

~ Southern Dreamer


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