Stars, Sweaters, and Snakes

The new year has started, and with that, I thought it was high time to delve into the world of fashion again!

Living in a college town, there are constantly new styles coming into the stores and boutiques and over the past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed several patterns of items that continually make a reappearance.

  1. Stars

Everywhere you look, there are stars! Whether it’s earrings, leggings, or a cute pullover with silver sequin stars, if you’re out shopping, this is going to be one pattern you’ll need in your wardrobe.

star collage

2. Lace

Lace is a beautiful addition to any fabric, and the particular clothing that I’ve seen them the most on are simple, sweet camisoles. While these tops aren’t flashy, they’re a great staple to have in your closet and can either be dressed up or down, depending on your accessories, shoes, and jacket.

3. Animal patterns

Cheetah, leopard, snake-skin, and more! Animal patterns are in, and you can find them practically anywhere. Whether you like to keep it on the more subtle tone, or enjoy contrasting colors, there is enough variety that anyone can find a variation they like.


4. Chenille Knit Sweaters

Y’all, if you don’t have one of these sweaters, you need to get one! It is literally the softest most comfortable fabric, and luckily for us, quite popular! They come in dozens of colors, and my only precaution would be, either buy it in a larger size or DON’T dry it. I learned this the hard way haha.

Those are some of my favorite fashion items that are popular that I’ve seen! What about y’all? Any colors, patterns, or clothing items that you’ve noticed? Let me know in the comments below!

~ Southern Dreamer

What’s New?

How are all my fellow shopping and fashion lovers out there doing?! With school starting, I thought I would let y’all know some of my thoughts on the current fashion trends!

Let’s start off then!

First of all, off-the-shoulder pieces are super popular right now. Everywhere I go, I’ve been seeing them: bathing suits, tops, dresses – you name it, and someone has probably made it into this style!

Blair Off The Shoulder Crochet Shift Dress

Sammie Off The Shoulder BlouseNote: both of the above are from Francesca’s, you can find their website here.

Another trend are jumpers and rompers. I’m sure y’all have seen them in several different stores. This past semester at college, I purchased a cute romper from Kinnucan’s. The top part has a ruffle, there’s a bow/belt you tie around your waist, and it has a white plus neutral striped pattern. I love it!

Besides that, my aunt graciously bought me an adorable, simple white romper from D’Squared. The material is really light and airy – perfect for summer!

With my height, finding a romper that is actually long enough can be a challenge. Luckily, I found two that have worked so far. If y’all know any good places to shop for tall girls, comment below! 🙂

Image may contain: Lanie Dean, smiling, standing
I couldn’t find a picture of this romper anywhere online, so here is me in it xD
Be Bop Juniors' Printed Drawstring Romper - Multi Stripe XL
Romper from Macy’s!

Moving along!

Blush pink is IN. Everywhere I go, I’ve seen tons of items that are blush pink. And not only clothing, but others as well – like bedding or stationary!

I absolutely love this color, so I’m super excited that it’s one of those “in” shades.

Funny story for y’all, when I was getting ready for my first year at college, I started to look for bedding and decorative items. I found a picture on Pinterest that I loved, and decided that I was going to try and model my dorm room after it.

One of the main colors, along with gold, was blush pink. My mom and I looked everywhere, but for the life of us, we could not find anything! So we decided to switch the blush pink for a soft teal color.

Looking back, it’s funny to think about, because now I see blush pink items everywhere!

Another popular color, similar to blush pink, is rose gold!

So pretty!

How is y’all’s summer/school fashion coming along? Did you find any cute pieces? Let me know in the comments below!

~ Southern Dreamer


POP Pilates ~ Activewear

For those of y’all who aren’t aware, Cassey Ho started POP Pilates, which is “a powerful fusion of music, strength, and choreography that takes classical Pilates to the next level. POP Pilates is a dance on the mat” (

In 2009, she posted her first YouTube video of one of her workouts. Originally, it was only meant for the forty students that she taught. Cassey was moving cross-country and wanted to leave them something behind to remember her by. Even though she did not know it then, that would be the first building block on what would become the world of Blogilates.

She is the #1 YouTube fitness instructor and has over four million people following along to her videos. Through 24 Hour Fitness’s partnership, POP Pilates is now their official Pilates format in all their gyms. From her best-selling book Hot Body Year Round, to her own line of activewear, Cassey’s growth has been incredible in only eight years!

Right now though, I want to focus on her activewear line. If you’re an exercise guru, a college student walking to class – because let’s be honest, athletic wear is 90% of what we wear, or just want something to help motivate you to workout, you should definitely check out POP Flex activewear! The peony and mermaid collections run sizes 2-12, while the dark bloom has sizes 2-16.

Here are some of my personal favorites:


Pointe Legging - Snow White

Pointe Legging ~ Snow White $45


Siren Tank - NightfallSiren Tank - Nightfall

Siren Tank ~ Nightfall $32

You can also find this in a seafoam color.


Heart Strings Bra - CabernetHeart Strings Bra - Cabernet

Heart Strings Bra ~ Cabernet $28

This one comes in the night and dark bloom patterns as well.

Fly Away Run Short - Night

Fly Away Run Shorts ~ Night $34.50

Also comes in the pattern of dark bloom.


Fairytale Long Sleeve ~ Snow $34.00

This one also comes in black.


Zenith Zip Bra ~ Dark Bloom $32

The zenith zip bra comes in a shiny black or normal black if that’s more your style.

In less than a week, Pop Flex is releasing another collection – Dusty Blossom! Can’t wait to see what they come out with this time!

Check out Pop Flex’s website if you want to look at more of their activewear:

~ Southern Dreamer




Your Guide To College Fashion

To any senior who is planning their wardrobe for college, I thought I would offer my two cents on what ACTUAL college students wear during the year. After all, you don’t want to waste any more money than you’re already having to fork out for the university. Ahem 😛 Anyway, without further ado…

*Cue dramatic music*



t-shirts! exercise pants! nike shorts! tennis shoes! repeat!

Literally, 90% of the time, everyone – including myself – is wearing workout gear to and from classes. The only time I’m not wearing Nike shorts and a t-shirt, well, exercise pants and a long-sleeve now that it’s finally getting chillier, is when I attend church on Sunday. I love dressing up though, so that’s always fun!

Here are some cute t-shirts brands I love!

Southern Shirt Company

Loading... Loading...

Simply Southern


Southern Marsh

Southern Fried Cotton

Welcome Home - Long Sleeve blog4

If you like any of these examples, check out their websites below! You can also find some at Kinnican’s, along with other brands and designs. No need to fret if you don’t have a Kinnican’s in your town, you can find their website at They have tons of awesome clothing and other cool items! I even found a dress there on sale one time for $15! Can I get an amen from my fellow shopping lovers? 😉

Those are my suggestions for finding some practical (and stylish!) college clothing. Are there any other stores that y’all love to shop at to find cute active wear? Let me know in the comments!

~ Southern Dreamer


Beach Must-Haves

This summer, I’ll be going to the beach. Many of you, I’m sure, will find yourself traveling to a land of sandy shores and dancing, salty waves. The car will be packed full with luggage, floaties, and your entire family crammed into one small space! There is one question critical to the success of your summer trip: what should I bring to the beach?

I’m glad you asked! 😉

1. Fashionable Swim-Suit

Anyone who has ever gone to the beach, knows that it is absolutely 100% necessary to have a swim-suit. However, there is a clear line between swim-suits you should stay away from – in my own personal opinion of course – and ones you should grab off the rack as fast as you can! There are some awesome choices, and here are a few tips if the swim-suit search has been rough.

For starters, don’t give up! It can be daunting, especially for women, to try on swim-suits and not feel satisfied. Let’s make one thing clear, Hollywood has a SERIOUSLY warped idea of what a normal, realistic girl’s body is like. I mean, c’mon. Size zero? Really? It’s like they’re asking people to have an eating disorder! And that is not, something I admire. So, when the swim-suit season comes, let’s have fun with it! Wear something that makes you feel beautiful (note: this does not mean that I am advertising for anyone to wear swim-suits that make them look like they’re so desperate for attention, that they come across as vulgar. Please don’t take offense at this, I’m not saying that’s what they think, do, or EVEN WANT. All I am saying, is the message certain swimsuits send, is not positive or classy).

Here are some swim-suits I love.

2. Stylish Cover-up

If you have a swim-suit, you’ve got to have a cover-up! There are so many cute, fun options! Recently, I bought myself an army green cover-up at Francesca’s that I love! I also have a pair of crochet/lace black pants that I put over my swim-suit. And though my detail-oriented heart would love it, not every cover-up is going to match your swim-suit. That’s ok! For example, my army green one doesn’t really go with any of my swim-suits – but I’m definitely still going to wear it! Now, my black pants are pretty much going to match anything since black is a neutral color.

3. Flip Flops and Sandals Galore!

Alright. Confession time. I love shoes, well, shopping in general really xD Honestly though, for the beach pretty much the only shoes you’re going to need are flip flops and sandals. You can bring a pair of tennis shoes if you want to, but that’s more of a personal choice than necessity.

Tip: If you’re looking for a really comfortable pair of flip flops, Yellow Box should be your go-to! I have a pair and they’re super comfy, plus, they can get wet (at least in my experience xD).

4. Ocean Toys

What’s the beach without the ocean? I’ve always loved boogie boarding, especially when I was younger. Other fun toys to bring in the ocean are inflatables!

5. Sun Coverage

It never fails. Every time someone goes to the beach, somebody in the family gets sunburned. Bring sun screen, aloe – absolutely a lifesaver for bad sunburns, and use it! Trust me. You don’t want to be miserable when you’re at the beach from a painful burn!

6. Reading Material

The beach is the perfect spot for reading! Even if you’re not the most avid reader, the lulling ocean waves serves as the perfect medication to help you dive into the pages of a story. Some of my favorite books/series are Love Amid The Ashes by Mesu Andrews – a biblical fiction book about Job, absolutely wonderful and very eye-opening; First Date by Krista McGee – an awesome, hilarious tale about a girl who gets caught up in a TV show about a group of young women, all vying to win a date with the president’s son and how she finds God in that; and The Christy Miller series by Robin Jones Gunn, about a girl’s journey through middle and high school, college, marriage, and beyond, through friends, struggles, embarrassing moments, and learning how to live a faith-filled life.

If you really cannot stand reading fictional books, bring a magazine! HGTV and Food Network are great options! Fair warning, you might be hungry and feeling the urge to DIY by the last section 😉

I hope this has been of some help! 🙂 Comment below for any other questions or remarks! Are you going to the beach this summer?

~ Southern Dreamer

Altar’d State


Recently, I discovered my new favorite store. Altar’d State.

Altar’d State was started in 2009 by Brian Mason and Aaron Walters. They created a plan for a modern Christian shopping experience that April in an Arkansas coffee shop. And six months later, the first Altar’d State store came into existence in Knoxville, TN (ironically, this was where I first discovered Altar’d State!).

Through failures and successes, Altar’d State continued to grow and spread. Birmingham, Alabama was home to their second store (which I have also been to!), and as of now, they have more than fifty boutiques in the Southeastern region of the United States.

Altar’d State’s clothes are feminine, modern, and many of them have lace which I love.

I adore the scalloped neckline on the first dress. It creates such an elegant and crisp look. And, of course, the lace on the sides (its a bit difficult to see in the picture) is a lovely touch. On the second dress, I like the lace sleeves and the design of the skirt is pretty.

I really adore this dress on the left. It’s very feminine, elegant, and LONG (I’m tall, so that’s always exciting for me :p). For the second, the mint green color is great and I know I’m going to sound like a broken record, but I love the lace added.

Are these not the cutest pajamas ever? The pom-poms on the shorts are adorable, and I love the cute sayings on the tops! ❤

And I couldn’t complete this post without adding pictures of Altar’d State’s accessories! I love the way the necklace, in the first picture, looks with that pink shirt. So pretty. The glittery, sequined belt in the last photo is wonderful! I definitely need to get one (who doesn’t need some more sparkle and shine?)!

~ Southern Dreamer

Color Clash

color wheel

I’m sure we’ve all been in that position where you’re holding up a shirt in one hand and a pair of pants or some type of bottom in the other, and thought I have no idea if this matches or not.

Well, never fear! I am hopefully going to provide an enlightening amount of information on how to match different colors in your clothing.

1. Black + Navy

Black and navy. Two wonderful colors, but two colors that should never, ever be worn at the same time. The problem with trying to wear black and navy all in the same outfit is the simple fact that they are much too close in hues to blend well. If you’re going to wear black or navy, go for it! But remember to only wear one or the other – not both.

And that brings me up to my next point…

2. Cream + White

Cream and white have the same problem as black and navy. They are simply too close to being the same color – yet are not. And this causes them to clash whenever they are worn together. I’m going to echo what I said above: if you’re going to wear cream or white, do it! But keep in mind, that you should only wear one or the other – not both.

3. Neutrals: Everyone’s Friend

Neutrals are the all-around flexible colors that you will quickly learn to love. Black and white are the most versatile with both being at either end of the spectrum. As long as you keep in mind that navy + black and cream + white are not smart fashion choices, any other color is fair game to pair these two neutrals with! The next colors that round out our neutral discussion are gray and brown. Depending on what hue you find, gray and brown should match with almost anything. There are always exceptions with the latter two, however, so try to use your best fashion judgment.

4. Matching Colors

Now that I’ve gone through what colors not to wear together, it’s time to dive into some fun, stylish combinations! Two colors I love pairing together are black and silver. They’re both classy, eye-catching, and easy to find with each falling into the category of neutrals. If bright hues are more your style, that’s great! Green skinny jeans paired with the popular fringed ankle boot (latte colored brown!) along with a gold and cream top can look stunning. Add in a pair of gold loops and matching bangles, and you’re good to go! There are so many more color combinations I could go through like navy and crimson or orange and brown, but hopefully this has given y’all a good start to learning how to mix and match different colors.

I hope this article helped you somewhat in learning how to match up different pieces of clothing!

~ Southern Dreamer


Seven Fall and Winter Essentials

As the days of November meld into the weeks of December, and the frigid air comes upon us, the transitional clothes of summer-fall slowly but surely are replaced with winter ones.

To get us started, one of the most basic pieces of any winter wardrobe is the jean. Invest in a good pair of jeans that will last you throughout the cold season for no other reason than that they are one staple you can count on. Skinny jeans (girls only please!) are a popular style in the current fashion world and can be found at numerous stores such as American Eagle, Macy’s, and even Target. Each of the previously listed stores carries both male and female jeans.


Over-sized sweaters are a popular option for the chilly days – able to keep the occupant not only warm but comfortable as well! Definitely a win-win. These sweaters vary in lengths from practically touching the knee to just below the waist-line.


For the guys, the top I would recommend having in your possession is the checkered shirt. Be it navy, white,  and gray or brown, black, and green – a good long-sleeved checkered top will serve you well during these next few months.

checkered shirt2

Boots are a common shoe type to own and wear during autumn and winter.  Ankle boots, quite popular in and of themselves, have begun to come with fringes. I have seen them in a number of stores, on websites, and even worn by people in my town. Henceforth, fringed ankle boots are a must have for this fall!

fringed boot2

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a great love for scarves. In my good fashion conscience, then, I absolutely could not write this list without listing…infinity scarves! Found in a multitude of patterns, colors, and materials, infinity scarves are a wonderful way to make a previously plain shirt interesting and exciting.

infinity scarf2

Back to the guys! Wool socks are one necessary item as the days and nights get colder and the temperature drops to bitter depths. Colors can range from navy blue to charcoal gray; some even have patterns! You can easily find a pair at Macy’s, Kohl’s, or L.L. Bean.


For the ladies, an adorable accessory to wear with your boots are leg warmers. There is no limit to the creativity you will find when searching for these! Many have lace and a button or two while the rest of it stays a lovely neutral., for instance, has several options you can choose from.

leg warmers2

These are seven fall and winter essential items for this season, and I hope you have discovered one or two to add to your wardrobe!

~ Southern Dreamer