Altar’d State


Recently, I discovered my new favorite store. Altar’d State.

Altar’d State was started in 2009 by Brian Mason and Aaron Walters. They created a plan for a modern Christian shopping experience that April in an Arkansas coffee shop. And six months later, the first Altar’d State store came into existence in Knoxville, TN (ironically, this was where I first discovered Altar’d State!).

Through failures and successes, Altar’d State continued to grow and spread. Birmingham, Alabama was home to their second store (which I have also been to!), and as of now, they have more than fifty boutiques in the Southeastern region of the United States.

Altar’d State’s clothes are feminine, modern, and many of them have lace which I love.

I adore the scalloped neckline on the first dress. It creates such an elegant and crisp look. And, of course, the lace on the sides (its a bit difficult to see in the picture) is a lovely touch. On the second dress, I like the lace sleeves and the design of the skirt is pretty.

I really adore this dress on the left. It’s very feminine, elegant, and LONG (I’m tall, so that’s always exciting for me :p). For the second, the mint green color is great and I know I’m going to sound like a broken record, but I love the lace added.

Are these not the cutest pajamas ever? The pom-poms on the shorts are adorable, and I love the cute sayings on the tops! ❤

And I couldn’t complete this post without adding pictures of Altar’d State’s accessories! I love the way the necklace, in the first picture, looks with that pink shirt. So pretty. The glittery, sequined belt in the last photo is wonderful! I definitely need to get one (who doesn’t need some more sparkle and shine?)!

~ Southern Dreamer

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