Beast ~ Creative Writing

Will you love me?

When my voice screams and yells?

Can you be with me?

Through the darkness that I feel?

During the unending night – where I am drowned by grief, where my hands are stained with blood, where my heart cannot stop pounding.

Will you, can you see me? Or just…a Beast.

Pin for Later: Rumple and Belle's Twisted and Sweet Romance Evolution  It almost works, but her plan blows up in her face when Rumple lashes out. 

A Beast covered in dozens of scars – white marks that are displayed over my heart.

To be a beast. Covered in the mud of your failings.

A Beast that is slowly dying day by day – alone with no one to call my name.

To be a beast. Cloaked in a voice always whispering in shame and regret.

A Beast who has done unspeakable deeds – causing all to recede from me.

To be a beast. Clothed in the darkness that you have wrought upon yourself.

A Beast. To be a beast.

 i-am-your-angel-of-blogs: THIS GIF HURTS ME he just looks so unsure but it's what he's needed for so long

Can you love me?

(A Beast)

Will you stay by me?

(A Beast)

Can you believe in redemption for me?

(A Beast)

Will you see me?

(A Beast)

at least i got to see you one last time


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