Reflective ~ Journal Entry

ORACLEKAILO.COM - Private Psychic Assistant for Introverted Alpha Females & Power Couples who are ready to unlock their Authentic Power and  leverage their life choices to fulfill and enhance  their Signature Soul Legacy™ in career, love,  & lifestyle. | ALPHA FEMALE Quotes: My favorite journal entry would have to be number six; the one where we had to pick a favorite poem. Besides the fact that I enjoy poetry, I also liked this journal entry because it inspired me to create some collages and use another part of my creativity.

On the creative writing side, my favorite would have to be the narrative poem. I love the idea of telling a story through poetry. I had a lot of fun with this – trying to make it more mysterious until the end, using the rhyming element, and finding pictures that went along with the created imagery.

Out of my works, my least favorite would probably be the re-telling of the Bible story. I had some trouble with making the tone more modern than historical. Though, I did enjoy the challenge.

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