Queen of Katwe ~ Movie Review

A few weeks ago, my family and I watched Disney’s Queen of Katwe, which came out last year in September. I had been wanting to see it for a while, but had never gotten around to watching it in theater. If you are unfamiliar with it, Lupita Nyong’o (who has starred in The Force Awakens as Max Kanata, The Jungle Book as Raksha – the mother wolf, and other films) plays the main character’s mother, Nakku Harriet. Newcomer, Madina Nalwanga, plays Phiona Mutesi, the star of the film.

Image result for pictures from queen of katwe phionaWhen I finally watched it, I was¬†happy that it did not disappoint! ūüôā The movie is based on a true story, that actually only took place a few years ago – so it’s very relative.¬†Taking place in Africa, the tale follows a poor girl, Phiona,¬†in Uganda, who learns to see life differently and overcome her circumstances through the game of chess.

Before watching and hearing about this movie, I did not realize that there are actual chess competitions at different levels – like any other sport. I also found it interesting that learning chess taught the children to think analytically and strategically, which in turn sharpens one’s mind. And because most if not all of these children had never attended school before, this benefit to learning chess was even more important.

Though I don’t know much about Africa’s poverty, I thought the film did a good job of portrayingImage result for pictures from queen of katwe the different aspects that come with living at the bottom of the ladder. Not being able to pay rent for a home¬†(what most of us would not even consider a house) and being kicked out, to not having enough money to stay in the hospital, and other such things.

Image result for queen of katwe At the end of the film, they show the actors beside the real-life people they played – which I thought was pretty cool. Additionally, Phiona’s mentor, who run the Christian and sports institute that first introduced her to chess,¬†is shown to have had a tremendous impact not only on her life, but on multiple children growing up in poverty. It goes to show that one person can make a big difference in the world right where they are. Without him, it would be highly unlikely that these children would have attended school and gone on to pursue such careers as engineering.

The themes of broadening one’s mind, setting goals for yourself beyond your circumstances, and never giving up are scattered throughout this movie. This is a story of the impact one person can make, and how that can directly change one person’s life, and in turn, another generation.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I encourage you to go and watch Queen of Katwe. It’s an inspiring, true story that people of all ages can enjoy.

~ Southern Dreamer

My Thoughts

As some of you have likely heard, in the new live-action Beauty and the Beast, they are going to have a clearly gay character: Le Fou.

I had seen a link about it earlier, but did not think much of it. They would not do that to such a classic, well-loved story – and one for children no less. In my mind, I thought it was probably only some media station that was being overly dramatic and secular as usual.

Well, it was not. My dad showed me the article only moments ago, as I’m writing this.

I never cry, yet here I am shedding tears over it. Maybe it’s the feeling of betrayal – of someone taking something you have loved and turning it into the very opposite. Perhaps it is the fact that they have been entrusted with such a sacred character and film, and…done this – this with it? I know I should not be surprised. I know that Disney is a secular company. I know all these things; I even had figured that they would likely have a gay couple in Star Wars – however much I disagree with it. And still, I find myself feeling blindsided.

Maybe it is because everyone who has grown-up watching the animated version and identifying themselves with Belle, feels like in a way, this is their movie, their story. A classic. And you expect when someone undertakes a remaking, for them to do justice to the original, and to have them do this?

If you want to have a gay character in a children’s movie, that’s your choice. But to ruin a classic? To change what was already made? What people already loved? If they wanted to introduce a gay character, which I would prefer them not to of course, this was not the way to do it.

Perhaps it’s the sin of it all that grieves me. It angers me that sweet, innocent children may watch this new movie and see whatever scene this is, and become confused. Confused that if they have a friend of the same sex, does that mean they’re gay? If they think a person of the same gender is handsome/pretty, does that mean they’re gay? How saddening, for people to believe the answer to these questions is yes (Author note: These are my opinions and thoughts, you are welcome to disagree;¬†I am not looking to debate anyone about this. Also, I am not going to get into the whole logistics/biblical context/etc of someone being gay right now).

Honestly, I am not even sure why I’m writing this. I guess I thought that if I wrote my thoughts down, maybe it would help me process them. Regarding the movie as a whole, I am truthfully not even sure I will be going to see it in theatre. This news has really depressed me. They have taken my favorite Disney princess – heroine, my favorite animated classic, and added something that is not in the original. And that I certainly do not agree with.

~ saddened, Southern Dreamer

Star Wars Stand-Alone Films

I saw an article a few days ago about which Star Wars characters should get stand-alone films, and so I thought I’d add my own tidbit on that ūüôā

In no specific order, here are some characters that I think should get stand-alone films:

Obi Wan Kenobi, Ewan McGregor can turn anything horrible into something watchable. The Star Wars Prequels are no exception.: 1. Obi-Wan

And the stand-alone film that practically the entire fandom wants…one on Obi-Wan.¬†Between the time of episode three and four, a¬†lot could have occurred with him.

If you take into account the animated Clone Wars series, that makes it especially interesting. Could Rey possibly be the grandchild of Obi-Wan? And if so, was Santine her grandmother – and she only did not tell Obi-Wan about the child before she died? Or could it be a completely different female character?

There are so many options for this, and it would be really cool to see what kind of background information a stand-alone film for Obi-Wan would bring up.

2. Lyra ErsoImage result for lyra erso

So, I have a headcanon that Jyn has the Force – she just doesn’t know it yet. If you go with that theory, then that means that she probably got the Force from someone in her family (of course, that’s not always the case – but let’s go with it for now).

It would make Rogue One much more fascinating, if a stand-alone film was done on Lyra. Who in her family had the Force? How did she learn about it since the Emperor was ruling? When and in what manner did she meet Galen?

Considering that Galen had a past in working with the Empire, it would be interesting to see how they even met – since it’s clear that Lyra has a strong distaste for the Empire, and believes in the Force.

3. Image result for padme amidalaPadme Amidala

Alright, I’ll admit I’m a little biased with this one – since she’s one of my favorite female characters in the Star Wars universe. However, I still think it would be really neat to show her background. What caused a young thirteen-year-old to be elected as queen? Did she have any other political experience before this?

4. One of the handmaidens (ex: Corde)Image result for corde star wars

The handmaidens to the queen were not just women who helped her get dressed. They were her protectors and could potentially die for her, since they could act as her double as a safety measure.

It would be interesting to show the process of how the handmaidens were picked, what training they went through, and what sort of background gave them the desire to pursue such a career.

5. Image result for cassian andorCassian Andor

I think it would be really cool to have a stand-alone film about Cassian. What exactly happened to his family? How did he come to be such an important part of the Rebellion?

Also, I¬†read a fanfiction¬†¬†where Leia and Cassian were close friends. I think it would be cool to show their relationship as¬† BFFs – both joining the Rebellion at a young age, losing those they loved, etc…It would be really¬†neat to see how they met and what their¬†friendship looked like.

Those are some ideas for stand-alone films that I think would be really cool! What stand-alone Star Wars films do y’all want? Let me know in the comments below!

~ Southern Dreamer

P.S. Can we all agree that the stand-alone film of Han Solo without Harrison Ford is completely unnecessary?

The Space Between Us ~ Movie Review

Last weekend, my brother and I went to see The Space Between Us. All of the trailers I had seen (well, the ones that had aired on television XD) looked really good, and I thought the entire concept was fascinating!

***WARNING: There will be some spoilers below, so if you want to have a 100% spoiler-free review, skip down to the very, very last paragraph***

With that said, on to the review!

Like I said earlier, I thought the concept was quite interesting – I had never even thought about that before, and so it was interesting to think about the real logistics of someone who had been born on Mars: how would it effect their growth? Organs? Social interaction? What would their life be like?

The main character, Gardner Elliot, brought up all these questions…because he was surprise! born on Mars. Yep. How’s that for a unique birth?

Image result for the space between usFlash-forward sixteen years. Gardner has been raised by scientists on Mars, and therefore is pretty much a science genius (I have a feeling Tony/Bruce/Peter and him would all get along amazingly). His only contact with Earth, is a girl named Tulsa. They communicate once a day, and all she knows (regarding why they haven’t met), is that he has a disease that causes him to be unable to leave his home.

His “mother” (not biological, since she died in childbirth), Kendra, realizes that it’s time to bring Gardner back to Earth. Even if he doesn’t survive, she has come to the rightful conclusion that it is not fair to keep him from Earth any longer.

And so begins the process of procedures and physical therapy to prepare Gardner for Earth. During this, he tells Tulsa that they have found a cure for his “disease” which will allow him to finally leave his “home” and meet her. He also mentions that there will be some travel involved. Space travel. Aka…seven months with no communication with her.

Thus, when Gardner finally found Tulsa at her school, and he was all ‘hey Tulsa! It’s me! Gardner.’ Tulsa was pretty much like…

Image result for I'm special gif

First impressions, right? XD

Anyway, quick note here, when Gardner came to Earth, they ran a ton of tests on him, and he realized that if something was not exactly right, or as it should be, they were going to send him back to Mars. Naturally, Gardner did not want to go back, and having the brilliant mind that he does, he managed to cause a pressure distraction and escaped the facility.

Flynn Rider is probably the most awesome male character to ever be produced by Disney [gif set] <--Agreed.Cue all his caretakers and the other scientists/astronauts freaking out.

Nathaniel Shepherd, the man who had started this, is going off to find Gardner along with Kendra. They are determined to locate him, no matter what.

Meanwhile, Gardner and Tulsa are hanging out, when SURPRISE! Nathaniel and Kendra show up in a helicopter.

Gardner is not about it. He starts running away from them, with Kendra chasing and Nathaniel jumping in the black SUV. They think they will have no problem catching him, but what they did not count on, was Tulsa picking up Gardner in one of those plane’s that farmers use.

And off they go, leaving Nathaniel and Kendra behind. Through the rest of the movie, the two teens go on a cross-country road trip trying to locate Gardner’s father, who he found with a picture of his mother on a hard drive.

There are so many cute moments, and a very Peeta-Katniss vibe between Gardner and Tulsa. She has this tough outer shell and does not open up easily to other people, because of how many times she’s been hurt. He, on the other hand, lacks any normal social skills and has this naivety that is very innocent and sweet. Yet, there is a major problem…

His Heart.

Gardner’s heart, because he was born on Mars, is too big. It cannot handle Earth’s gravity or atmosphere.

Gardner is dying.

Image result for the space between us picturesOne of the scenes, reminded me of a cancer patient. When you know you are going to die anyway, and that there is nothing anyone can do for you, some people go one of two ways: a) try to do the treatments that doctors prescribe that will hopefully let them live longer, or b) forgo all such in the decision to live as much as they can, while they still have time.

And that’s what Gardner decides. So, he and Tulsa manage to sneak out of the hospital and high-tail it out of that town. They are back on the road-trip to find Gardner’s father.

I don’t want to spoil the HUGE twist-around, so I’ll skip that part ūüėČ

Overall, I thought The Space Between Us was a great movie. It was centered around an interesting concept, and had both romance, sci-fi, and humor. There were some really cute scenes and funny moments! A great romance, sci-fi story.

So, have any of y’all seen The Space Between Us? ¬†If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below! ūüôā

~ Southern Dreamer

The Last Jedi…

Y’all, we finally have the name of episode eight…The Last Jedi.

I’ve come up with a few theories of what this could mean, so I thought I would share them with y’all!

  1. The most obvious answer is that Luke Skywalker dies, and is therefore the “last” Jedi

New trending GIF on Giphy. no no way star wars rebels zeb. Follow Me CooliPhone6Case on Twitter Facebook Google Instagram LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr Youtube

Although, would this mean that he did not end up training Rey? Because if she became a Jedi, then obviously Luke would not be the last Jedi. And I’m pretty sure that he ends up training her as his padawan – or at least, that was what episode seven seemed to hint at.

2. Episode 8 is centered around Luke Skywalker

Another option would be that this next movie is centered around Luke, hence the name, “The Last Jedi.” This could work, because right now Rey would only be a padawan and therefore, Luke would be the “last” Jedi – at least temporarily.

I think this could be an interesting move, and perhaps would give us more background info. With episode seven, Rey had several flashbacks and/or visions of the future; so it would be really cool if in episode eight, we got the same thing with Luke.

How did he get there? What happened before all of his padawans were killed? Was he ever married? So many questions and hopefully this next one will answer them.

3. Another Jedi

A lot of people have pointed out that the titles of episode 7 and 8 form a complete sentence: The Force Awakens The Last Jedi.

I’m still in denial that Jyn and Cassian died (THEYLIVEDOK), so when I saw the above on social media, my first thought was…hey, Jyn had a kyber crystal! Maybe she has the Force, but she just didn’t know it! And Cassian and her have been “asleep” ever since the events of Scarif, but then the Force AWAKENS Jyn.

Alright. I’ll admit it. This is extremely far-fetched and most likely won’t happen, but hey, that’s what fanfictions are for right? xD

Well, those are my theories for what episode eight could possibly be about! What do y’all think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

~ Southern Dreamer

Rogue One Review

WARNING: Spoilers ahead

WARNING AGAIN: Seriously. If you don’t want spoilers, stop reading now.

Well. Monday I went and watched Rogue One. And today I am still trying to cope with the repercussions of that.

But without further ado, I am going to discuss some of the things I loved about the movie.

  1. Background of the architect behind the Death Star

I loved that they gave so much depth to this. It really makes everything in episodes 4, 5, and 6 make so much more sense. And, you know, MORE TRAGIC.

2. Blind guy who uses the force

This was so awesome! I really loved that they did this. As someone with an illness, I was glad they finally showcased a character with a disability. Petition for more characters like that!

Image result for rogue one chirrut gifs

3. Spiritual Analogies

There were so many spiritual analogies in this movie. Especially the part where Chirrut is on Scarif and repeating his “I am one with the Force” speech as Stormtroopers fire on him…and do not hit him.

It reminded me of the story in the Bible with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and how God protected them from the fire – similar to how the Force protected Chirrut from the Stormtroopers.

4. Rebel Captain

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ‚Üí Jyn Erso and Captain Cassian Andor‚Äôs last moment: ‚ÄúRogue One. May the Force be with you‚Ķ ‚ÄĚ

Jyn and Cassian have officially crushed me. I did not expect to ship something so much, especially from a stand-alone Star Wars film, but sheesh, I ship it so hard.

I love their dynamic! It’s different from all of the other couples in Star Wars, which I appreciate. And just their growth as individual characters and together was amazing – especially in such a short amount of time.

I’m not gonna lie, I was mentally screaming at them to kiss at the end of the movie (ELEVATOR SCENE, SO MUCH OK. AND THEN THE BEACH SCENE).¬†But nope. I didn’t even get that to console myself with XD

I don't want them to smush their faces together, but a soft bittersweet kiss would have been perfect. most people are like "a kiss would have been WAYY too forced" but I'm like "...noo.??" ANYONE who was watching could see how much they ended up meaning to each other. both of them risked their lives and even sacrificed their own beliefs for the other countless times, not to mention their undeniable CHEMISTRYYYY. I just REALLY WISH THEY'D HAD MORE TIMEEE:

What makes it even more tragic and depressing, is what could have been. But they didn’t even get the chance to explore that.

 :  rebel captain:

And then…there’s this </3

like I'm indifferent to them as a couple, but I'm interested in their relationship as friends // Rogue One, Star Wars, Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso:

Overall, I loved the movie (minus the fact, that, ya know, EVERYBODY DIED…*cough*). I was also sad that Scarif got destroyed – that was a really pretty planet! And I loved the line from Bail Organa about how he trusted “her” (obviously Leia) with his life ‚̧¬†But yeah. Rogue One has officially killed me.

If you’ve seen it, what did you think of Rogue One?

~ Southern Dreamer

Once Upon A Time Season 6 Winter Finale

Well. That just happened (ok, so maybe it was weeks ago, but I couldn’t get around to posting about it till Christmas break. So xD).

“That little OutlawQueen teaser just .. But anyways, goodnight y'all!! Tonight's…:

Yep. That about sums it up…along with this perfectly appropriate meme:


Seriously, do the poor characters never get a break? And you know it’s bad, when it sort of¬†hits the fourth wall…and Snow tells/asks David, “I just want normal,” and he basically says, “What is normal anymore?” (Or something like that, I couldn’t find the exact quote XD)

But on to the review!

  1. Aladdin as a genie

I know he wanted to help, but I’m honestly not sure why he did that? I mean, it’s kind of a HUGE decision – especially since genies can’t free themselves unless someone makes a wish for them to have their freedom.

2. Princess Emma


XD I’m pretty sure Regina’s reaction was all of us: what the hell happened to you?

But in all seriousness, it was almost comical seeing Emma in this girly-girl, princess, timid light. It was so not like Emma Swan! XD Although, I must say, I loved her costumes in the wish world – beautiful!

3. The Black Fairy

As if this family tree could not get even more complicated…


XD Had to post that – totally cracked me up when I first saw it. Anyway.

Apparently, Rumple’s mother is the Black Fairy – aka, the most heartless mother ever. I mean look at this, she LAUGHS at him when he asks her why she abandoned him as a baby.

O.O And I thought Cora was bad. So Rumple’s mom was the Black Fairy – aka the person WHO STEALS CHILDREN, and his dad was Peter Pan – aka the person who abandoned his child for eternal youth. Yeah, and we wonder why Rumple turned out so badly.

But of course, that’s not the worst of it. As if what she does is not horrible enough, the Black Fairy goes and steals her grandchild: Belle and Rumple’s son…and turns him to the “dark side.”

*deep breaths*

This is just so awful; I mean Belle – of all people, does not deserve to have her son be evil, when her husband is already the Dark One. And then this happened…

You know if Rumple is saying he doesn’t mess with that kind of darkness, you REALLY don’t want to mess with it.

4. Robin Hood

I loved Robin Hood and one-hundred-percent ship Outlaw Queen. But, at the same time, I don’t really like that they tried to bring Robin Hood back. And the reason for that, is technically he’s not even real (although, there is a theory that when David wished for the Evil Queen to get what she deserved, that’s when Robin came into the scene – since Regina and the Evil Queen are really the same person, which would be an explanation as to why he had not aged like Snow and David in the wish world).

But, I mean, it would be a good thing if Regina could bring him back (though that gets into alternate universes and timelines crossing, so not really sure how THAT would work).


Y’ALL. WE COULD ACTUALLY, MAYBE GET A CAPTAIN SWAN WEDDING THIS SEASON. Because it 100% has to be a Captain Swan wedding.

This is the hope I am trying to cling to in face of all of the other *AHEM* problems that need to be overcome on the second half of season six. A Captain Swan wedding must happen.


Emma and Regina are stuck in the wish world (why Emma did not drag Regina down with her, I will never know). I’m really nervous about this, because Regina killed the wish world Snow and Charming which puts her on the top list of people to capture/kill. Part of me is thinking, that Rumple is going to be the one to help them escape. After all, he’s the only one that ever believes anybody (#timetravelingepisode), and I feel like if they told him about Neal and Henry, then he would be more likely to help them.

Snow and Charming are still under the curse that the Evil Queen put on their hearts, which means that only one can be awake at a time. I hope they manage to fix this, because Snowing is definitely relationship goals.

Gideon Gold is who we know now as the person who kills Emma. I am so not happy with this. Like, at all. I really hope that Belle manages to talk some sense into him, and maybe he can come back from whatever dark manipulative stuff the Black Fairy did to him.

What do y’all think about the winter finale of season six? Let me know in the comments below!

~ Southern Dreamer

Dancing with the Stars

Y’all. So. xD I have a very important blog post to make (right now): my favorite dances from Dancing with the Stars. In no specific order (you can thank my indecisive self for that :P), here are my favorite dances from Dancing with the Stars.

James and Sharna’s Rumba

Usually, I am not a fan of Latin night. And this is because, normally, most of the dances try to create some kind of “sexual” sense – which, ends up being inappropriate. Not that it has to be, of course, but that’s a rabbit trail for another day ūüėČ

However, I absolutely LOVED this dance. To put it simply, it was beautiful. There was nothing inappropriate or sexual about it. Being a romantic, I really loved the choreography. It reminded me of something a husband and a wife might dance together – or anyone in love.

Kellie and Derek’s Freestyle

Honestly, I’m not sure where to even start with this! xD There was not any over dramatic glitz, glamour, or props. The costumes and stage were simple.

The dance, however, was anything but.

From being to end, this freestyle was an emotional, lyrical, stunning package. I thought the choreography matched the lyrics perfectly. It was clean, beautiful, and definitely memorable.

I could literally watch both of these dances several times in a row and still not get tired of watching them. You’re probably surprised that I only have two listed on here. There are many more that I really, really like. But, I wanted to list my absolute favorites. The ones that I could watch over and over again.

Who else enjoys watching Dancing with the Stars? What are your favorite dances? Let me know in the comments! ūüôā

~ Southern Dreamer


Antman: Movie Review


I watched Antman a few months ago, but until now have been too busy to write a review on it. With it being summer, however, I finally found the time to do it! ūüôā

Antman follows the life of Scott Lang – a thief who was just released from jail. His friend and fellow partner-in-crime picks him up. The viewer quickly learns that he has a daughter. Cassie. Scott tells his friend that he’s done with the life of being a thief – he has to start doing better. For his daughter.

The entire film is packed full of hilarious interactions between both the villain and the heroes. From unintended childlike remarks by Cassie – Antman’s daughter –¬†that can be humorously appreciated by the older viewers for their meaning, to the laughable reactions of Scott Lang during his journey, it has many hilarious moments.

Scott, in my opinion, is one of the most relatable Marvel characters in terms of realistic reactions. When Hank – inventor of the Pym particle, asks him to sneak into a high security building to steal something from the *music escalates* bad guy, he responds with a, “I think our first move should be calling the Avengers.”

I love that. It’s so realistic to how most of us would react if we were in his situation.

Father-daughter relationships are really emphasized, I think, in Antman whether it be Scott and Cassie or Hank and Hope. They each have their struggles and issues, although, Hank and Hope’s more so. I enjoyed how Hank and Hope both in their own way offered advice or helped Scott in terms of Cassie with their own experiences and stories.

And of course, there was action as every Marvel movie has. Though this one was neat, since it was from a different perspective than the typical fighting: fighting at bug-size.

Overall, I really enjoyed Antman and would definitely recommend it. So readers, if you have seen Antman, what did you think of it?

~ Southern Dreamer



Once Upon A Time Season Finale


What the heck.

I have just finished watching the season five finale of Once Upon A Time – or OUAT for short. Totally was not expecting that. At all.

All I can advise for OUAT fans who have yet to watch it, is brace yourself. Also, you may want to warn your family that you are watching the finale and screaming, talking to the TV, and other noises are all very fair game.

**Warning: Spoilers Ahead**

Where do I even start? So much happens in the finale that it’s basically a whirlwind of scenes and emotions.

Dark Hook has brought all of the past Dark ones into Storybrooke through a portal that goes to the Underworld.

As you watch, the Dark ones go and touch all of our¬†beloved characters: Regina, Robin, Mary Margaret, David, Henry, etc…Well, they touch almost all of them. Emma, her brother, Robin’s children are left untouched.


A symbol is left on their wrist. It indicates that when the moon reaches a certain point, they will be taken to the Underworld. The Dark ones will be left in their place.

Even though the situation looks hopeless, Emma is determined to save her family any way possible…even if it means she gets destroyed in the process. After all, the only way to eliminate the darkness forever is to place it all into one vessel and have¬†that vessel killed.

Mary Margaret, David, Henry, and Neal decide to go to Granny’s Diner. Spend their last moments as a family together. Emma promises her mother she will come, but first she has to try and fix this.

Fast forward.

It is now time. Emma was unable to save her family. They are all taken and surrounded by Dark Hook and his fellow Dark Ones.

As a last resort, Regina faces Hook. She tells him to drop the act and says that he has to decide, “What kind of man are you going to be?”

I love that line. What kind of person are you and myself going to be? Are we going to give into sin and our struggles? Let the whispers of temptation fill our ears with falsely wrapped words? We all have a choice to make each day on what kind of girl, woman – boy, man, we will be.

You can see the clear battle raging in Hook’s mind as Nimue cuts off a great deal of Emma’s air supply from her final attempt to protect her loved ones. Flashbacks insure before Hook makes his decision on what kind of man he will be.

Hook takes Excalibur and draws all of the darkness from the past Dark Ones into its blade. There is only one way to fix everything that he has done: destroy the darkness once and for all…and with it, himself.

At this point, he holds out the sword to Emma Рasking her to strike him down. Tears fill her eyes, and she shakes her head adamantly, not wanting to lose him.

But his words that finally convince her come shakily, “Let me die a hero. That’s the man I want you to remember.” They share a¬†kiss and whisper “I love you” before Emma reluctantly and tearfully shoves Excalibur into her love.



This scene has so many emotions and heart-wrenching lines it should have a disclaimer: warning, hyperventilating and heart crushing scenes occur, watch at your own risk.

As Hook dies in Emma’s arms, she transforms back into herself – no longer a Dark One. Tears fall down her face as she pulls the sword from Hook only for it to disintegrate.


When the sheet is covered over Hook’s face and they wheel his body away, Emma tearfully leans against her parents – face portraying the agony that she is going through.


Later, we watch as Belle returns and shares a passionate kiss with Rumple. She tells him she loves him.

Some time after this, Emma texts Rumple to meet her in his shop. He does. And the most shocking revelation is revealed. Rumple has the real dagger. The dagger that now has the power of all the Dark Ones from all time. He was the true Dark One all along.


Shocked does not even begin to describe myself at this point.¬†Rumple frustrates me indefinitely. So many times I and I’m sure others, have thought he was turning good. And¬†the odd thing is, I want Rumple to be good.¬†Then, of course, my thoughts turned to Belle. That poor woman has suffered more emotional scarring from him than should ever be acceptable. It truly is sickening how much Rumple not only manipulates those around him but especially her.

Emma, naturally, is horrified. This means that Hook’s sacrifice of death was in vain. For now, Rumple has the power of all the Dark Ones¬†from all time combined.

Not one to give up, Emma tells Rumple he owes her. She could easily tell Belle about him before he could kill her. With that in mind, Rumple accepts her request: she has decided to go to the Underworld and get Hook. Just like her parents share a heart, Emma decides that she and her love will too.


The finale ends with the scene of the portal to the Underworld opening and our heroes embarking through it.

Again, it seems, that our fairytale characters are stacked against unimaginable odds. I can’t wait for March when the next season starts!

Do any of y’all watch Once Upon A Time? What were your thoughts about the season finale? Let me know in the comments!

~ Southern Dreamer