Once Upon A Time Season 6 Finale

Wow. Where do I even start? There is literally so much to discuss and my brain is kind of exploding right now with #ONCERFEELS, so, I’m going to try and break down my review and thoughts on the finale. ***WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW, IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE FINALE AND DO NOT WANT MAJOR SPOILERS…… Continue reading Once Upon A Time Season 6 Finale

Queen of Katwe ~ Movie Review

A few weeks ago, my family and I watched Disney’s Queen of Katwe, which came out last year in September. I had been wanting to see it for a while, but had never gotten around to watching it in theater. If you are unfamiliar with it, Lupita Nyong’o (who has starred in The Force Awakens…… Continue reading Queen of Katwe ~ Movie Review

My Thoughts

As some of you have likely heard, in the new live-action Beauty and the Beast, they are going to have a clearly gay character: Le Fou. I had seen a link about it earlier, but did not think much of it. They would not do that to such a classic, well-loved story – and one…… Continue reading My Thoughts

Star Wars Stand-Alone Films

I saw an article a few days ago about which Star Wars characters should get stand-alone films, and so I thought I’d add my own tidbit on that 🙂 In no specific order, here are some characters that I think should get stand-alone films: 1. Obi-Wan And the stand-alone film that practically the entire fandom wants…one…… Continue reading Star Wars Stand-Alone Films

The Space Between Us ~ Movie Review

Last weekend, my brother and I went to see The Space Between Us. All of the trailers I had seen (well, the ones that had aired on television XD) looked really good, and I thought the entire concept was fascinating! ***WARNING: There will be some spoilers below, so if you want to have a 100% spoiler-free…… Continue reading The Space Between Us ~ Movie Review

The Last Jedi…

Y’all, we finally have the name of episode eight…The Last Jedi. I’ve come up with a few theories of what this could mean, so I thought I would share them with y’all! The most obvious answer is that Luke Skywalker dies, and is therefore the “last” Jedi Although, would this mean that he did not…… Continue reading The Last Jedi…

Rogue One Review

WARNING: Spoilers ahead WARNING AGAIN: Seriously. If you don’t want spoilers, stop reading now. Well. Monday I went and watched Rogue One. And today I am still trying to cope with the repercussions of that. But without further ado, I am going to discuss some of the things I loved about the movie. Background of…… Continue reading Rogue One Review

Once Upon A Time Season 6 Winter Finale

Well. That just happened (ok, so maybe it was weeks ago, but I couldn’t get around to posting about it till Christmas break. So xD). Yep. That about sums it up…along with this perfectly appropriate meme: Seriously, do the poor characters never get a break? And you know it’s bad, when it sort of hits the…… Continue reading Once Upon A Time Season 6 Winter Finale

Dancing with the Stars

Y’all. So. xD I have a very important blog post to make (right now): my favorite dances from Dancing with the Stars. In no specific order (you can thank my indecisive self for that :P), here are my favorite dances from Dancing with the Stars. James and Sharna’s Rumba Usually, I am not a fan…… Continue reading Dancing with the Stars

Antman: Movie Review

I watched Antman a few months ago, but until now have been too busy to write a review on it. With it being summer, however, I finally found the time to do it! 🙂 Antman follows the life of Scott Lang – a thief who was just released from jail. His friend and fellow partner-in-crime…… Continue reading Antman: Movie Review